TalentWise and DocuSign offer an easy way to implement HR processes, manage employees and streamline paperwork

TalentWise™ is the industry-leading, comprehensive and affordable hiring process management and compliance solution used by over 3,000 businesses throughout North America. TalentWise offerings include: background checks, drug testing, DOT solutions, driving records, assessments, verifications, onboarding, credit checks, international searches, applicant tracking system integrations, and more.

TalentWise is designed to be flexible and is easily customized to specific recruitment-to-hire processes, without requiring IT support. TalentWise integrates with DocuSign to help streamline the recruiting process, manage approvals, and get appropriate internal and candidate signature – saving time and money while making sure companies don’t get mired down in HR paperwork.

Key Features

  • Background Checks - Verify the job application or resume from top to bottom and procure electronic signatures from former employers, law enforcement and more
  • Assessments – Does your candidate exhibit the skills, cognitive abilities, or behaviors associated with successful job performance? TalentWise helps put them to the test to verify their talents and skills
  • Other Solutions - TalentWise offers hundreds of solutions for all your hiring needs - from Hiring Tax Credits solutions to Hiring Eligibility recommendations, and everything in-between.


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About the Partner

TalentWise is a technology company that’s transforming the way HR selects, screens, and onboards new hires. TalentWise has built a single, online platform that automates the hiring process end-to-end, resulting in a highly efficient and seamless experience for HR, hiring managers, candidates and new hires. TalentWise has made Workforce Management’s “Hot List” for the last six years, and is the only provider ranked by HRO Today in the Top 5 “Overall” and for “Quality of Service” for the last five years.


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