Vroozi Partners with DocuSign to Help Procurement Teams Go 100% Digital.

Vroozi’s mobile procurement platform is used by companies of all sizes across all industries to improve their procurement processes and better manage their spend. It enables procurement organizations to empower their employees, connect with their suppliers, and remain connected to their unified procurement platform from anywhere. Vroozi and DocuSign integration gives customers 100% digital and mobile experience from requests all the way to supplier invoicing.

Key Benefits:

  • Raising employee productivity beyond the 4 walls of the office – Vroozi enables customers to manage their entire procurement process from request to approval to order placement to invoicing on their laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Employee productivity is no longer limited to office time.
  • Improving contract compliance with preferred suppliers through easy catalog management tool – Based on proven smartOCI technology, creating a high-quality dynamic marketplace is as easy as drag and drop, with internal catalogs and punch out options. Best of all, familiar consumer shopping features eliminate employee training and analytics provide contract compliance and spend intelligence real-time.
  • Fostering collaboration with suppliers – With DocuSign digital signature integration, procurement organizations and suppliers eliminate the hassles, costs, and lack of security inherent in paper-based processes to transact business 100% digitally.
  • Transacting in multi-currencies and multi-languages – Vroozi is Unicode UTF-8 compliant and support any ISO 4217 currency codes, symbol, and format.
  • Configuring complex business rules and logics with ease – Master data and approval workflow drive the core of a procurement system. Vroozi comes prebuilt with easy configuration tool and ERP adapter to ensure complexity does not burden your users.

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