Acteva Cinches Deals with DocuSign for Salesforce

DocuSign Integration With Salesforce Cuts Contract Signing Process to Just 15 Minutes

SEATTLE – December 1, 2009 - DocuSign, the leading provider of on-demand electronic signature solutions, today announced that Acteva employs DocuSign for Salesforce to accelerate its contract signing process. The San Francisco-based on-demand online event registration, ticketing and payment management services provider integrated DocuSign for Salesforce into its Salesforce CRM for a complete e-signature contract execution system. DocuSign for Salesforce has reduced the time to create contracts by one-third and has accelerated the contract signing process from 48 hours to 15 minutes. Acteva processes between 600 to 700 large custom event contracts annually.

DocuSign, in collaboration with a document automation provider, developed a complete solution for Acteva. The DocuSign for Salesforce solution allowed Acteva to run its contract management workflow directly from the Salesforce CRM console—from document generation through signing to storage and retrieval. Acteva can now easily generate a contract based on elements from the customer's data in Salesforce CRM and type of contract needed. Acteva sales staff can quickly utilize drop down options that auto-populate a contract and any necessary addendums. Sales people can quickly assign the contract e-signing routing order throughout the contract lifecycle and all executed contracts are stored online by DocuSign, and available with a click. Contracts which took Acteva sales staff 30 minutes to generate now take less than 10 minutes. Signed, returned contracts which took an average of two days are now e-signed and returned within 15 minutes. Acteva's management also has complete visibility into its contract process. Using DocuSign via the Salesforce CRM console, management knows the who, what and when for each contract, at any given time.

"If the contract is sent to the right person, it is very quick and easy for them to ratify the contract with a few simple clicks," says Ed Lemire, executive vice president for Acteva. "The turnaround time is much faster. And, since contracts are in PDF, clients are not as apt to revise, which is a good thing."

Acteva had sought a solution to streamline its manually intensive contract management practices and provide management visibility into the sales process. The organization needed to consolidate activity through its customer relationship management system, Salesforce CRM as they did not want to incur additional IT expenditures. Finally, Acteva was faced with at least 20 percent of its signers marking up the physical documents for changes, making the process more time-consuming for Acteva sales people.  Acteva resolved these issues with the DocuSign for Salesforce solution.

The DocuSign Advantage
After reviewing several solutions, Acteva selected DocuSign based on the following key criteria:

  • Ease of Use—DocuSign is easy for Acteva to create contracts for client e-signature, and just as simple for the client to sign electronically. This intuitive service closely replicates the traditional signing experience, creating a positive client experience.
  • Compliance—With DocuSign, contracts are secure PDFs. Clients cannot revise ad hoc, ensuring 100 percent compliance for all signed contracts.
  • Real-time Visibility—DocuSign reveals the signing status of every agreement in real-time including, when it was opened, when it was signed, the time the transaction has taken, and which agreements remain to be signed—enabling Acteva to manage its channel and sales staff more effectively.
  • CRM Integration—By employing DocuSign for Salesforce, Acteva can now Close it in the CloudTM without leaving its CRM system, accelerating close times to hours. DocuSign automatically populates Salesforce data sets into its service which eliminates the need to re-key data. Using the tools in Salesforce, Acteva can create contract status reports.
  • Workflow Management—DocuSign automated many workflow processes for Acteva. For example, the entire contract signing process from generating the contract through the signing process is less than one hour and clients are less apt to delay the signing process as contracts are in PDF format. 

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