ADVANTIS Global Services Recruits DocuSign Electronic Signature Service to Streamline Contracting Process

DocuSign Accelerates Business Processes for IT Staffing and Technology Consultancy 

Seattle – July 28, 2010 – DocuSign®, the market leader and global standard for electronic signature, today announced that ADVANTIS Global Services, a leading IT staffing and technology consulting firm for Fortune 500 companies and mid-market, has selected the DocuSign eSignature service to complete its contracting process. ADVANTIS uses DocuSign to quickly and easily finalize client recruiting contracts and consultant application packages online—thereby avoiding the hassle of printing, signing and faxing or mailing bulky, multi-page documents. ADVANTIS will migrate to a paperless process by deploying the DocuSign electronic signature service at all seven regional locations."When one of our recruiting channels used DocuSign to finalize a contract with us, a light bulb went off—we have to be doing this," said Jeff Taylor, chief operating officer of ADVANTIS Global Services. "As one of the major IT staffing and consulting companies in the high tech corridor, we process a large volume of candidate applications and client contracts so DocuSign just made sense. We needed the latest technology to support and accelerate processes throughout our various offices across the country and the solution had to accommodate the unique needs of each office. We found DocuSign to be the market leader and the best electronic signature solution available to meet our needs."

According to Taylor, ADVANTIS wanted an electronic signature solution that was fast, flexible and easy for its growing staff, remote clients and candidates. DocuSign proved easy to use with the ability to streamline workflows while offering the document customization necessary to better brand and support each regional office.

DocuSign enables ADVANTIS to manage large volumes of contracts by seamlessly connecting to ADVANTIS' customer relationship management (CRM) tool. PDFs created in the CRM can be quickly prepared for e-signing through the DocuSign Console. The recipient receives an email notification indicating a document is ready for signature, adopts an electronic signature and in minutes is guided through the e-sign process. Once completed, an email notification is sent to all parties with a link to the final executed document. ADVANTIS can then save the signed digital document back into its CRM or archive within DocuSign.

"The synergy of DocuSign and Salesforce CRM creates a powerful, comprehensive and cohesive relationship that extends beyond product, customer and distribution," said Steve King, president and CEO of DocuSign. "DocuSign is excited to align with the leader in enterprise cloud computing. We look forward to collaborating with to further extend the power of DocuSign and Salesforce CRM in streamlining business processes, reducing costs and ensuring the continued success of our joint customers."

< "ADVANTIS Global Services successfully leverages technology to accelerate business in a highly competitive environment," said Steve King, president and CEO of DocuSign. "DocuSign is pleased to be working with ADVANTIS to further streamline their business processes, increase efficiencies and enhance their service model for clients and candidates alike."

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