Avantus Successfully Contracts Thousands of New Clients with DocuSign Electronic Signature Services

Business and Financial Reporting Service Streamlines Contracting Process with DocuSign 

SEATTLE – August 10, 2010 – DocuSign the market leader and global standard for electronic signature, today announced that Avantus, a leading provider of business information to mortgage and consumer lenders, property management firms and other businesses, selected DocuSign to securely expedite end-user agreements online. Following a substantial acquisition, Avantus employed DocuSign to automate and securely obtain signed service agreements from newly acquired clients."We wanted a quick and painless way to get thousands of clients a new service agreement – and then we found DocuSign," said Louis R. Capobianco, president of Avantus. "Automating thousands of contracts for electronic signature was easy with DocuSign, and within days more than 75 percent signed and completed. We eliminated the cost of paper, postage and the extra time paper processes take. It was clear why DocuSign is the standard in electronic signature services."

The Avantus end-user agreement is 25 pages in length. Sending contracts to thousands of newly acquired clients would have been a costly, monumental task—the initial printing, packaging, mailing and then the numerous follow-up requests for the documents to be signed and returned. Another factor that was considered was the management of the paper documents once signed and returned.

Avantus researched electronic signature providers and determined that DocuSign led in security, compliance and ease of use. DocuSign partnered with Avantus to develop a solution specifically tailored to meet its needs. Using DocuSign's bulk sending tool, Avantus was able to automate the process of sending thousands of digital contracts to clients while providing an easy and convenient method to sign and complete the agreements.

Using a PC, laptop or mobile device, Avantus clients electronically signed and returned agreements in minutes—not days, thereby significantly reducing the time, environmental impact and cost of traditional paper-based processing. Avantus is delighted with the program's overall success and evaluating the integration of DocuSign within the Avantus online application process for an end-to-end online contracting solution.

"We are pleased to be partnering with Avantus," said Steve King, president and CEO of DocuSign. "We look forward to continuing our work with this forward-thinking financial services firm to reduce costs and accelerate the contract signing process online."


About Avantus

Avantus is a leading provider of business information to mortgage and consumer lenders, property management firms, and other businesses. Combining innovative services with industry leading customer service, cutting-edge technology, and over 75 years experience analyzing consumer data, Avantus helps its clients make prompt, accurate decisions. To learn more about how Avantus can help you or to become an Avantus client, please contact one of our sales associates at (800) 243.0120 or visit the Avantus website at www.avantus.com. 

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DocuSign employs the industry's only multi-site enterprise class, SAS-70 data centers delivering 99.9% uptime for customers over the last four years. With more than 8 million unique signers processing millions of transactions per year, DocuSign is trusted by more people, more companies, more times than any other electronic signature provider in the world.

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