Community Energy Fuels Sales with DocuSign for Salesforce

DocuSign for Salesforce Ensures Texas Energy Customers Lock in the Best Rate

SEATTLE - November 4, 2009 - DocuSign, the leading provider of on-demand electronic signature and contract execution solutions, today announced that Community Energy employs DocuSign for Salesforce to accelerate its contract signing process. The Texas-based licensed energy aggregator and consultant deployed DocuSign for Salesforce within its Salesforce customer relationship management (CRM) system. DocuSign for Salesforce provides the final step for a fast, complete e-signature contract execution process. Community Energy deployed DocuSign for Salesforce e-signature solution to better control and accelerate the contract signing process. Since employing DocuSign, Community Energy has significantly reduced the sales cycle.

The ability to employ DocuSign for Salesforce within Community Energy's Salesforce CRM platform has been of significant benefit. Integrating DocuSign has produced a seamless workflow as contracts can be drawn using DocuSign codes and customer data already stored in Salesforce. This reduces any potential data entry errors and expedites the contract from salesperson to customer to power supplier.

"DocuSign's integration with Salesforce allows us to quickly generate documents and distribute them to the customer for execution and then get them moved on to the supplier to book the energy," said Scott Chilton, president and managing partner of Community Energy. "It immediately goes from the customer's office to the supplier so there is a very little gap in time for the market to move. DocuSign helps the customer lock in a rate at a low price and ensures that it gets preserved even if the market is moving quickly."

Chilton said the DocuSign service is easy for customers to use and clearly delineates to what they need to sign on a specific document. Plus, the customer has on-demand access to the contracts, which bolsters document retention capabilities for Community Energy and lends legitimacy to the process for the end-users.

Community Energy had found that the necessary paperwork to secure lower energy rates was lengthy and labor intensive. Contracts were often null and void as they could not be signed in time to obtain the prevailing market rate. Customers often lost out on the preferred deal and Community Energy suffered slower-than-desired close rates. Community Energy reversed these business problems with the DocuSign  for Salesforce solution.

"We had cases where the sales rep talked to the customer about a rate," said Chilton. "By the time the paperwork was done and the contract sent, the rate was no longer any good and they had to go back and redo the contract again based on new market information. With DocuSign, this problem is eliminated."

 The DocuSign Advantage

After reviewing several solutions, Community Energy selected DocuSign based on the following key criteria:

  • Ease of Use—DocuSign is easy for Community Energy to create contracts for client e-signature, and just as simple for the client to sign electronically. This intuitive service closely replicates the traditional signing experience, creating a positive client experience. Plus, contracts are e-signed in minutes, ensuring clients lock in the best rate available.
  • Compliance—With DocuSign, contracts are secure PDFs. Clients cannot revise ad hoc, ensuring 100 percent compliance for all signed contracts.
  • Real-time Visibility—DocuSign reveals the signing status of every agreement in real-time: when it was opened, when it was signed, the time the transaction has taken, and which agreements remain to be signed, enabling Community Energy to manage its channel more effectively.
  • CRM Integration—By employing DocuSign for Salesforce, Community Energy can now close it in the cloud " without leaving its CRM system, dramatically accelerating close times. DocuSign automatically populates Salesforce data sets into its service which eliminates the need to re-key data. Using the tools in Salesforce, Community Energy can create contract status reports.
  • Workflow Management—DocuSign automated many workflow processes for Community Energy. For example, Community Energy sales staff can utilize DocuSign to create and send the contracts for e-signature to multiple recipients, assigning the signing routing order. Plus, DocuSign's Designed for Mobile feature allows recipients to sign using their iPhone, Blackberry or other mobile device, anytime, from anywhere. DocuSign removes barriers to ensure quick e-signing and return of contracts.

For more information about the business benefits DocuSign provides Community Energy, read the detailed case study at:.

About Community Energy

Community Energy, L.P. is a licensed aggregator of electrical power, serving residential, small business, commercial, and non-profit power users throughout the State of Texas. As an aggregator, Community Energy helps large groups combine their buying power to lower electrical rates from existing power providers. The company has also established the Community Energy Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit charity, receiving voluntary, tax-deductible donations from customers and disbursing those funds to other charities based on customer recommendations. Visit for more information.

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