Crimson Consulting Group Confirms DocuSign Electronic Signature Service Accelerates Sales Revenue for Salesforce CRM Users

Analysis Proves DocuSign Electronic Signature Technology Increases Sales, Reduces Costs and Enhances Compliance

SEATTLE – September 28, 2010 – DocuSign®, the global leader in electronic signature, today announced Crimson Consulting Group has published a white paper and will be hosting a webinar featuring research about the benefits of DocuSign's electronic signature technology for customers. Crimson Consulting undertook a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the benefits of the DocuSign for Salesforce, the company's cloud-based electronic signature solution available on the AppExchange 2. The goal was to identify, refine and confirm core benefits, quantify them where possible and obtain a sense of their relative importance, based on interviews with a selected set of users and secondary research. Six clients were interviewed including DuPont, OpenDNS and Petz Enterprises.

Crimson's key findings included nine core benefits, five of which could be quantified. These benefits includes 1) time savings, 2) accelerated transactions, 3) reduced errors, 4) reduced expense, 5) increased CRM ROI, 6) increased control, 7) ease of use, 8) enhanced security/compliance and 9) more insight or visibility into the process.

Crimson is disseminating this research by publishing a white paper and hosting a webinar both entitled, "Driving Faster Deals and Higher CRM ROI via DocuSign for Salesforce."

Title: Driving Faster Deals and Higher CRM ROI via DocuSign for Salesforce

Participate: Crimson Consulting is hosting a 30-minute webinar to share research and results. The webinar will be held October 6 at 10 am PT. To participate, register for the webinar at:.

Read: The Crimson white paper reviews the results of Crimson's analysis to assist decision-makers and sales professionals who are considering an electronic signature solution for their CRM implementation. Each benefit is illustrated by actual customer comments. To obtain the white paper and a recording of the webinar, visit:.

Learn: The process of getting a legally-binding signature on sales agreements and contracts has long been a weak link for companies. Costly delays and errors often hamper traditional signature cycles, which all involve conversion to paper at some or several points (e.g., generate-email-print-sign-fax), and make it difficult to integrate customer knowledge gained during the cycle into the database. To overcome these problems, many organizations are turning to paperless electronic signature solutions that are legally equivalent to paper and handwritten signatures. Such solutions, especially if integrated into a CRM, can deliver many benefits to companies, including increased sales, accelerated transactions, reduced errors and enhanced compliance.

Other Features: View demos and download white papers and other collateral that discuss the legality of an electronic signature and how the DocuSign electronic signature service can complete a transaction in minutes.


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