Digital Business Best Practices Highlighted on DocuSign Blog

SAN FRANCISCO – September 24, 2014 – C-Suite executives from a breadth of industries turn to DocuSign, Inc. (DocuSign®) to discover and share best practices within and across their respective fields. As a platform, the DocuSign blog,, offers several benefits to contributing thought leaders and those seeking new strategies and insights for digital business, including:

  • Sparking viral conversations within and across respective industry networks
  • Maximizing customer and partner engagement by sharing industry insights and emerging trends
  • Establishing a presence as a key thought leader in digital business and digital transformation

Recently, Integra’s vice president of marketing, Rogier Ducloo shared 5 Tech Trends Pushing Enterprises to Meet New Goals,, stating:

“Cybersecurity is a top concern for enterprises, not just because of the increased amount of devices and access points, but also the growing sophistication of attacks. The solution is not just enhanced policies and cloud-based firewall services, but also selecting secure network services with built-in protections ensuring the safety and accessibility of critical applications and data.”

By sharing Integra’s position on cloud-based security, Ducloo confirmed that his team invests priority resources to guarantee customer success while positioning the company as a thought leader in the space. To share insights on successfully achieving a digital transformation on the DocuSign Blog, please contact Farah Ahmed at


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