District Attorney’s Office of Butte County Selects DocuSign to Expedite Search Warrants with DocuSign On Apple® iPads®

SAN FRANCISCOApril 5, 2012DocuSign, the global standard for electronic signature, today announced that the District Attorney’s Office of Butte County is launching DocuSign’s eSignature solution to expedite search warrant requests to help police officers in Butte County, Calif., more effectively fight crime. DocuSign’s electronic signature solution is expected to streamline the search warrant process by reducing the amount of time to submit requests and secure judge approval for search warrants.

“DocuSign’s electronic signature solution will help us streamline the search warrant process,” said Mike Ramsey, district attorney of Butte County. “By making it easy and fast for officers to make the request—and remove the requirement that they drive to the judge’s house to get a signature after hours—we’re able to dramatically expedite the process of getting search warrant authorization and further keep our cities safe.”

Prior to DocuSign, search warrants were printed by the officer and driven to the judge’s house to obtain approval with the magistrate’s signature. “DocuSign will help officers eliminate time wasted driving to the judge’s house and waiting for a signature while the judge reads the warrant,” said Ramsey.

Judges have been issued Apple® iPads® to make the signing process convenient. “DocuSign will help us save valuable time in situations where every second counts,” continued Ramsey.

“DocuSign is excited to make this important part of the justice process faster and more convenient for all involved,” said Dustin Grosse, DocuSign’s chief marketing officer. “The district attorney’s office and the community at large will benefit from quicker action made possible with DocuSign’s eSignature solution.”

With DocuSign, officers do not need to install or learn new software. Instead, they are able to continue to use their current word processing software to create warrants. Once the officer “prints” the search warrant authorization request to DocuSign, the officer enters the judge’s contact information, and the document is immediately routed for electronic signature. The process takes minutes, and is completely secure.

DocuSign’s electronic signature solution underwent extensive security scrutiny prior to approval. In part because DocuSign had already passed security audits from numerous Fortune 100 companies and the nation’s largest financial institutions, DocuSign was able to exceed the high standard set by the Butte County’s justice team.

Following the launch of DocuSign for nighttime search warrants, the Butte County District Attorney’s Office intends to implement DocuSign for electronic signature on all the county’s search warrants.



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