DocuSign Affiliate Partners Cash in on Growing Demand for eSignature Services

New Affiliate Partner Program Extends Reach and Shatters Expectations with More Than 500 Affiliate Partners Joining in First Week of Launch

SEATTLE – February 10, 2010 - DocuSign®, the leader in on-demand electronic signature solutions, today announced the kick-off of the DocuSign Affiliate Program. This publisher marketing program enables online businesses to share the benefits of the DocuSign eSignature services with their online clients and visitors. The DocuSign Affiliate Partner Program complements the company's current online marketing initiatives. Affiliate Partners receive a commission for generating a qualifying click-through transaction, such as a lead or subscription with DocuSign.

More than 500 new DocuSign affiliates joined within the first week with hundreds more applying daily, surpassing the company's 90-day goal in just a few days. Publishers interested in becoming an Affiliate can learn more on the DocuSign Web site.  

The DocuSign Affiliate Partner Program is a three-tiered program consisting of program management, network management and affiliate optimization. DocuSign chose eAccountableOPM, a leading online services and consulting firm to provide overall program management and account tracking. eAccountableOPM will also provide strategies to recruit, activate and retain affiliate network partners. 

DocuSign selected Commission Junction (CJ), a global leader in online advertising channels of affiliate marketing and managed search, to drive relationships with online publishers. CJ will manage the ramp up, outreach and recruitment of publishers for the DocuSign Affiliate Program, and will also manage the affiliate network.

To join the CJ network, publishers complete a simple online application. Upon acceptance, publishers have access to DocuSign links which can include online banners, textual links, product links and other advanced link types, such as search boxes. Publishers can immediately begin sharing and displaying DocuSign online advertisements on their Web sites. Publishers and advertisers can also join the CJ Marketplace, a sophisticated, Web-based interface to access information, analyze results and manage programs for success in real time. CJ also provides resources for publishers through CJU Online, dedicated to pay-for-performance marketing and techniques. There is no fee to create a CJ account or join the CJ Marketplace.

"We are extremely excited about working with DocuSign and its performance and affiliate marketing efforts," said Durk Price, president of eAccountableOPM. "The Commission Junction affiliate network was our first choice as they have the size and reach to ensure the program's ramp-up speed and success. As the DocuSign Affiliate Program manager, we see this offering as a strong opportunity in the Small Business and B2B category that is rapidly developing within the performance marketing arena." 

Imwave Inc., a leading performance online marketing agency, is the first contracted affiliate in the program. Imwave has a strong established network of publishers and will kick-off the DocuSign Affiliate Program by leveraging existing relationships to drive traffic. This performance-based marketing agency will accelerate program growth and will help ensure long-term sustainability.

"We started working with DocuSign when the concept of launching an affiliate program for its business was first conceived," said Adam Viener, founder and chairman of Imwave, Inc. "We're excited to see that the program launched."

"The synergy of these companies is amazing—we're invigorated by the energy, intelligence and enthusiasm of these program partners," said Dave Thorpe, market director at DocuSign. "DocuSign has helped accelerate business for thousands of professionals already, and we're excited to spread the news. The DocuSign Affiliate Partner Program is a great vehicle for publishers to promote and share the benefits of DocuSign, while generating revenue."

The DocuSign Affiliate Program is one of three comprehensive programs available under the DocuSign Partner Program umbrella. Publishers interested in becoming an Affiliate can learn more on the DocuSign Web site at. To join the CJ network, publishers simply complete a simple online application at

DocuSign offers a program for Strategic Partners at and another for Referral Partners at. DocuSign Strategic Partners offer clients a technology solution integrated with the DocuSign eSignature service. Referral Partners direct clients to DocuSign when performing consultation services to improve business processes. The Affiliate Partner Program rounds out the DocuSign Partner Program offerings by extending DocuSign eSignature services through qualifying online publishers. 


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Imwave, Inc. is one of the leading performance search marketing agencies in the industry focusing primarily on building and launching effective pay-per-click search engine keyword marketing campaigns for companies paying commissions on sales and leads generated.  As of December of 2009, Imwave has served over 3.8 billion ads and has generated over 92 million leads for their clients. For more information, visit

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DocuSign, Inc. is the leading provider of on-demand software services for electronic signature.DocuSign empowers individuals, small businesses and global enterprises to operate faster and more efficiently, with greater profitability, enhanced security and compliance. DocuSign is the only Web-based service to securely automate and control the entire electronic document signing process. DocuSign employs the SaaS eSign industry's only enterprise class SAS-70, fully redundant data center delivering 99.993% uptime for customers over the last 30 months. To date, more than 70 million signature events have been executed using DocuSign. In addition, DocuSign is the official and exclusive provider of e-signature services for the National Association of REALTORS® 1.1 million members, under the REALTOR Benefits® Program.

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