DocuSign Announces General Availability of the New DocuSign Version 9.1

Customers Report Immediately Lowering Operating Costs up to 80%, Eliminating Not-In-Good-Order (NIGO) Rates and Reducing Contract Cycle Times from 24 Days to 24 Hours or Less

SEATTLE, May 6, 2009 - DocuSign, the industry leading provider of on-demand electronic signature and contract execution solutions, today announced the general availability of DocuSign Version 9.1, the latest version of the company's award-winning SaaS offering. DocuSign Version 9.1 is a scalable cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes to completely replace the expensive and inefficient processes of printing, transporting, signing, tracking, storing paper contracts and capturing business data. 

As the leading innovator in electronic signature software services, DocuSign is experiencing tremendous growth. In Q1 of 2009, DocuSign passed the milestone of 25 million signature events, increased utilization of its service by 56 percent from the previous quarter and accelerated growth 300 percent over Q1of 2008. This new version of DocuSign offers significant new and unique features, and continues to simplify the user experience in order to further accelerate the widespread adoption of electronic signatures and electronic contract execution. New features include:

Electronic Signature Personalization - DocuSign delivers the only online electronic signature experience that offers signers the ability to create and save their own unique electronic signature.  With this new release, DocuSign now offers signers the ability to load an exact image of their handwritten signature for use as part of their DocuSign e-signature, creating an even more personalized process.

  • Simple and Powerful Sending - The new experience of sending documents for electronic signature is even more familiar, easier and more powerful. Using the familiar paradigm of drafting an email, a single screen guides the user through the simple process of sending documents for signature.  
  • Intelligent Document Recognition" (IDR) - The proprietary new feature analyzes documents loaded into the DocuSign system and automatically applies all 'sign-here' and other data tabs based on pre-defined customer workflows. This innovation is a dramatic time savings for power users that often send the same contract or agreement for signature multiple times a day, or for complex contracts.
  • Support for Additional Document Formats - The new service now automatically provides real-time conversion of a broad range of document formats to secure PDFs on the fly.  Customers no longer need to convert documents to PDF, saving a step in the process.
  • Improved In-person Signing Experience - Electronic contract execution is becoming more common during in-person signings with multiple signers - especially for real estate, insurance and financial services customers. Using the new in-person signing process, DocuSign introduces a "Signing Host" who acts much like a notary, authenticating the signers and administering the process.

The new electronic signature and contract execution capabilities available in DocuSign Version 9.1 were recently unveiled to excellent reviews at DocuSign's Executive Customer Council (ECC) in Washington D.C. DocuSign's ECC represents many of the world's largest and most successful companies, including Fortune 500 customers and partners from financial services, insurance, telecommunications, supply chain, procurement, technology, manufacturing, travel and real estate. 

"With the volume and complexity of enterprise contracts on the rise, no company can afford delays in contract execution or unauditable offline procedures. Adding DocuSign's electronic signature capabilities to Ariba Contract Management enables completely paperless contract execution and a fully automated contract lifecycle," said Tim Minahan, chief marketing officer at Ariba."The combination of Ariba and DocuSign Version 9.1 raises the standard for security and visibility into arguably the most critical step in closing your business agreements-the final signature." 

Ariba, the world's largest supplier of automated supply chain software and services, and one of the key strategic partners for DocuSign, was introduced to Version 9.1 at DocuSign's ECC. In April 2009, Ariba and DocuSign announced a strategic partnership to revolutionize the entire contract execution process by integrating DocuSign  Version 9.1 within the Ariba platform.

"We have a customer-oriented culture which guides our development and new product delivery.  DocuSign's latest release is a mature SaaS product that reinforces DocuSign's position as the market leader and is a complete solution for eliminating the manual processing of paper contracts and forms," said Tom Gonser, founder and vice president, product strategy. "By focusing on cutting operational costs, accelerating revenue, and immediately impacting efficiency and profitability, our customers are driving tremendous business results for DocuSign."

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