DocuSign Announces Integration with DocCentral, LPS Real Estate Group's Award-Winning Document Management Platform

Incorporating Electronic Signature Service into DocCentral Enables Real Estate Professionals to Expedite Sales, Cut Costs and Improve Customer Service

SEATTLE- August 25, 2009 - DocuSign, the industry-leading provider of on-demand electronic signature and electronic contract execution solutions, announced today its integration with LPS Real Estate Group Inc.'s DocCentral™ document management platform.  LPS Real Estate Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of Lender Processing Services, Inc. (NYSE:LPS), integrates comprehensive marketing, productivity and business solutions for MLS and other associations, franchisors, brokers, agents and consumers. 

By combining the strengths of DocuSign's electronic signature service and DocCentral's document management and sharing capabilities, contracts and other documents can now be executed, managed and shared via a secure Web environment. This enables busy professionals and their clients to efficiently complete files associated with buying and selling property, without being encumbered by faxes, regular mail and a myriad of paper documents.

"The overwhelming success of our individual products is a testament that real estate professionals, and the organizations that support them, are looking for ways to reduce paper while improving the security, workflow, and access to documents required for today's real estate transactions, as well as those used for internal operations," said Walt Clark, senior vice president of transaction and document management solutions with LPS Real Estate Group.  "The integration of DocuSign and DocCentral will make it even easier to conduct real estate transactions while realizing the benefits of digital signatures and electronic document-sharing and retention."

Real estate transactions involve a lot of detailed paperwork and often have multiple signers who do not live or work near their agents and brokers. Signing in person or sending lengthy faxes back and forth is often inconvenient and time-consuming. By enabling agreements to be completed online, all parties involved in the process can securely access documents at their convenience from any location via the Internet. DocuSign's on-demand service is fast, easy to use, and dramatically improves the traditional signing process. To date, DocuSign has executed more than 37 million signature events and has more than 18,000 registered real estate professionals in the United States.

"DocuSign is the market leader for electronic signature - especially in real estate. Our award-winning product and support are ideally suited for real estate professionals."  said Tom Gonser, founder and vice president of product strategy at DocuSign.  "It was natural for the two companies to partner and offer our market-leading products to real estate professionals, who can close deals faster while reducing costs, eliminating errors and providing better service to their clients."

DocCentral is a simple, intuitive and cost-effective tool that allows real estate professionals to digitize, organize and share their documents.  Documents are stored on secure servers and accessible online 24/7 by agents and the other transaction participants they authorize. By taking transaction documentation off laptops and out of filing cabinets, DocCentral eliminates redundancy, safeguards information and provides an audit trail for today’s increasingly complex real estate transactions. With DocCentral’s offsite storage, courier costs are virtually eliminated while customer service is enhanced. 

Real estate professionals who manage and organize their documents on DocCentral can now automate the entire contract lifecycle and secure signatures in a more simplified and streamlined process than the traditionally slow "print-ship-sign-copy-return-scan-fax" cycle. From within DocuSign, users can quickly send documents for signature via e-mail. Once the forms are electronically signed, they can be automatically stored in DocCentral, where they can be accessed by authorized parties.

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