DocuSign Blog Offers Best Practices to Safeguard Online Data

SAN FRANCISCO – December 3, 2014 – In lockstep with inspiring and enabling the paperless revolution, the DocuSign, Inc. (DocuSign®) Blog emphasizes DocuSign’s foundational commitment to customer data security and protection against cybercrime. In an uncertain climate given recent incidents of hacking, DocuSign’s industry-leading data security experts leverage the blog to offer customers insights, best practices and actionable steps that can be applied to further protect sensitive customer and company data.



  • Best practices necessary to proactively keep data safe, secure and out of the wrong hands.
  • Deep understanding of the ways in which various industries leverage data to understand how DocuSign’s bank-grade security ensures confidentially, integrity, availability, authenticity and enforceability of digital transactions.
  • Insights on the latest trends in data security, privacy and protection for digital and mobile business.


DocuSign’s Chief Information Security Officer, Tom Pageler, highlights essential practices in a recent article on the DocuSign blog –Your Guide to Warding Off Cybercriminals: 7 Top Tips To Keep Your Data Safe Right Now:


Companies, customers and users trust the DocuSign Global Trust Network for their most important and sensitive transactions. It’s our job to ensure all information, documents and data are ironclad secure within our systems.  And we’re committed to setting DocuSign users up with the knowledge and resources to keep data where it belongs: safe and secure away from hackers and thieves.


Read the full article here:


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