DocuSign Electronic Signature Service Works for 30,000 Real Estate Professionals

More Real Estate Professionals Use DocuSign's Electronic Signature Service to Quickly Close Transactions

SEATTLE – September 27, 2010 – DocuSign®, the global leader in electronic signature, today announced that more than 30,000 real estate professionals rely on the DocuSign electronic signature service to close real estate transactions faster. From coast to coast, real estate professionals are praising DocuSign for saving them time, reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction while closing deals faster in a more competitive market. 

  "DocuSign provides an outstanding service for our customers as it accommodates an active on-the-go lifestyle. With DocuSign, we help our clients close deals anywhere in the world, anytime of the day," said David Boehmig, co-founder and president of Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby's International Realty. "Other electronic signature vendors actually wanted us to change our workflow so their service would work well within our business environment! Not with DocuSign—it works within our current processes, saving us time and reducing costs. And when you have 150 agents in the field, it is essential to have as little disruption as possible so it doesn't adversely affect your customers and the bottom line."

In a competitive real estate market, minutes can literally make the difference when closing a deal. With DocuSign's web –based service, real estate professionals can more quickly prepare documents for client signature anytime from anywhere. With a simple click of the mouse, real estate professionals can access DocuSign and prepare the document for signing with familiar yellow Stick-eTabs®. Once the document tagging process is completed, the client receives an email notification to sign electronically, and is quickly navigated through the electronic signature process. By integrating DocuSign within existing processes can further simplify the real estate contract signing process, save hours of time each week, eliminate signing errors and accelerate deal close rates. 

Lisa Archer of Team Ludlow Real Estate in Charlotte, North Carolina, has significantly reduced the time and expense in the real estate document signing process by using DocuSign. Archer attributes DocuSign for saving hundreds of dollars in just a few transactions. Not only has DocuSign eliminated the need for Archer and her colleagues to express mail documents to clients out of state, it has saved them hours of time—no more driving across town to hunt down a signature or waiting hours for return faxes. Plus, DocuSign's collaboration tools have helped Archer maintain the sales process momentum. "Before DocuSign, every time a client made a change, we would have to start the paper process over—make the change, print, overnight and wait," said Archer. "With DocuSign's collaboration tools, we make the edits online and the document is still completed faster and more economically than traditional paper methods. We continue to reduce our costs while accelerating our close rates."DocuSign provides real estate professionals with the tools necessary to succeed despite multiple time zones and geography. DocuSign continues to extend its Designed for Mobile functionality, enhancing interoperability with a broad variety of handheld devices. With millions of smart phone users, DocuSign provides another method for busy real estate professionals to transact business while on-the-go, using their mobile device. DocuSign consistently helps real estate professionals operate greener, faster and more profitably by removing the hurdles associated with the signing process and offering more ways for users to access and complete their transactions online.

Malik Rashid, a certified commercial and residential specialist for Re/Max in the Metropolitan Washington, D.C., routinely uses DocuSign's Designed for Mobile functionality to close deals. Rashid attributes DocuSign as the game-changing solution that helps close highly competitive real estate deals. "Before DocuSign, it wasn't uncommon to lose out on a deal because clients had to print, sign and fax documents or take time off to come to the office to sign," said Rashid. "Clients can sign from any mobile device, losing deals due to paper processes is really a thing of the past. Now, it doesn't matter if a client is in New York or Iraq, signing takes minutes online using any mobile device with Internet access."

Archer, Boehmig and Rashid join more than 30,000 real estate professionals eliminating paper and expediting real estate transactions with DocuSign. Rather than driving across town to get a signature or forcing clients to find a fax machine, real estate professionals use DocuSign to execute agreements with buyers and sellers electronically. With real estate forms signed in minutes, not days, DocuSign real estate professionals achieve higher sales, increase client satisfaction and maintain a business edge. Brokers and real estate owners often leverage DocuSign as a competitive tool to attract and retain agents as it supports paperless business processes, saves time and accelerates deal closures. Safe and secure, the DocuSign electronic signature process is also easy to use and legally compliant.

"DocuSign has ascended rapidly as the global gold standard for electronic signature technology, providing state of the art technology to better manage workflows and close real estate transactions faster and easier," Dave Thorpe, market director at DocuSign. "This is why DocuSign is seeing more and more real estate professionals use DocuSign to ensure client satisfaction and convenience, while successfully building their business in a competitive environment."

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