DocuSign Launches eSignature App on’s AppExchange Mobile

DocuSign’s Electronic Signature Solution for Apple® iPad and iPhone Helps Salesforce Users Close More Deals Faster to Earn Revenue Sooner, Reduce Costs and Enhance the Customer Experience

DocuSign Tapping into the Social, Mobile and Open Capabilities of Cloud Computing to Transform Customers into Social Enterprises

NEW YORK – CLOUDFORCE NEW YORK – Nov. 30, 2011 – DocuSign, the global standard for electronic signature, today announced it has launched the DocuSign for iPad and iPhone app on’s AppExchange Mobile, extending the marketplace built for the social enterprise. DocuSign is among the first apps to leverage AppExchange Mobile, tapping into the power of the proven platform,’s social enterprise platform for employee social apps, to further help DocuSign customers accelerate speed to revenue, reduce costs and enhance the customer experience with the global standard for eSignature. DocuSign is currently available for test drive on the AppExchange Mobile.

“ is the pioneer and leader in cloud computing and the social enterprise,” said Keith Krach, chairman and CEO of DocuSign. “With the new AppExchange Mobile, we’ve made DocuSign for iPad and iPhone available to Salesforce customers on the go so they can quickly and easily ‘close it in the cloud’ with customers in the field. Salesforce customers can use the global standard for eSignature to close more deals faster – anytime, anywhere on any device.”

“Prior to DocuSign we were doing a lot of scanning of contracts and manual data entry back into Salesforce,” said Jim Roberson, co-founder and president of Drawloop. “We would lose data in that process, and it also created a lot of extra manual steps. That’s all been eliminated with DocuSign. DocuSign allows us to go from weeks down to literally hours to get a contract executed.”

DocuSign for iPad and iPhone makes it easy for anyone with a Salesforce account to use DocuSign to close deals on the go. A user can download the app and add Salesforce login credentials to send for signature direct from an opportunity in Salesforce. The signed document can be set to be stored back in Salesforce upon completion. In addition, even documents that did not originate in Salesforce can be sent for signature and stored back in Salesforce by choosing a few easy settings in the app.

“Customers continue to look to our partners as they transform themselves into social enterprises, and partners like DocuSign are helping them with that shift,” said Ron Huddleston, senior vice president, ISV Alliances, “Apps like DocuSign exemplify the extraordinary reach of the AppExchange marketplace and continue to elevate the social, mobile, open and trusted capabilities customers expect from the ecosystem.”

Cloudforce New York Welcomes Attendees to the Social Enterprise

The number of social networking users has surpassed email users. And people access the Internet more from mobile devices than from desktops. is helping companies meet the challenge of this social revolution with the social enterprise. Today, companies must change the way they collaborate, communicate and share information with customers and employees to stay competitive. By leveraging’s social, mobile and open cloud technologies, companies can transform themselves into social enterprises by developing social profiles of customers, creating employee social networks and building customer and product social networks. Cloudforce New York attendees will be able to learn firsthand how to join this transformation.

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DocuSign® is the global standard for electronic signature. DocuSign helps customers decrease transaction times, reduce costs, and enhance customer satisfaction with the easiest, fastest, most secure global network for sending, signing, tracking, and storing documents in the cloud. For more information, visit or call 800-098-8113. Visit the DocuSign blog at and follow DocuSign on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

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Quote Sheet


Drawloop Technologies – Jim Roberson, President & Co-Founder

"DocuSign allows us to go from a couple of days or even a week, down to literally hours to get a contract executed.”

"DocuSign is substantially unique from other options because most of the time if you’re missing data you need to pick up the phone, call them, email them and try to get all of that data before you can send it out for signing. With DocuSign, this hassle is totally eliminated.”

“What’s been nice is being able to generate the contract from within Salesforce using our Dynamic Document Packaging service, send it through the DocuSign e-signature process and get it all back in one location in Salesforce. That’s been one of the single greatest benefits for Drawloop, because prior to DocuSign we were doing a lot of scanning of contracts and manual data entry back into Salesforce. We would lose data in that process and it also created a lot of extra manual steps. That’s all been eliminated with DocuSign.”

Expedia – Gene Harden, Director of Lodging

“Expedia is a fast moving, online business, and we want to use the smartest services available. We were impressed from the start with how quickly and easily DocuSign helped us obtain signed contracts,” says Harden.

Extra Space Storage – Teardra Pedersen, CRM Analyst

“It’s easy and fast to sign up new customers with DocuSign’s electronic signature solution.”

LinkedIn – Brian Frank, Director of Global Enterprise Operations

“The introduction of DocuSign into our collections process significantly improved DSO contributing to access to over $1M in additional working capital on an annualized basis.”

“With the click of button, the system creates a contract for you to send to a customer,” Frank says. “There’s no uploading into DocuSign. You just hit send and then it goes to the customer.”

“DocuSign is fast, easy and seamless. It removed the hassle getting a copy back to the customer, tracking data and knowing who approves what,” Frank says. “But the thing that’s really special is that it captures those terms that come up in the contract cycle that no one ever thinks about. Those terms are very important to a variety of different internal stakeholders at the company.”

Yamaha – Mike Machado, CRM Manager

“The best part is documents could be signed in literally minutes versus months.”

“With DocuSign, we know exactly where it is and who needs to sign...I now have complete visibility. With a few clicks, I know who hasn’t signed.”