DocuSign Offers Up to 80% Cost Savings to FedEx and UPS Customers; Extends Customer Assurance Program

Businesses That Act Before March 31 Will Save Millions in 2009 Express Shipping Fees, Achieve Cost Cutting Initiatives and Accelerate Business Opportunities

SEATTLE, WA - January 12, 2009 - To help organizations achieve their new 2009 initiatives to slash operating costs and drive more revenue, DocuSign Inc. is extending its "Beat Rate Increases" customer assurance program through March 31, 2009. DocuSign, the industry leading provider of on-demand electronic signature and electronic contract execution solutions, enables companies to replace slow and expensive mail and express shipping services by automating the entire contract execution process online. By eliminating the paper-based "print-ship-sign-copy-return-scan" process, industry leaders are using DocuSign to dramatically save on printing and express shipping operations costs, closing more deals at a faster rate, and quickly delivering on new "paperless office" initiatives.

FedEx (NYSE: FDX) and UPS (NYSE: UPS) announced record rate increases which began January 5, 2009. DocuSign offers companies of all sizes a simple way to slash recurring express shipping expenses and accelerate business. Through DocuSign's "Beat Rate Increases" program, businesses that send their documents for signature using the DocuSign electronic signature and electronic contract execution service can reduce their express shipping costs up to 80 percent, representing millions of dollars in immediate cost savings. In fact, more than 4,000 businesses have executed over 19 million signature events using DocuSign and are already experiencing dramatic cost savings.

For example, the cost to express mail an envelope from New York to Chicago via FedEx First Overnight Delivery starts at $48.15 with an additional $3.61 added for fuel surcharge, making the total cost $51.76 to ship one-way. UPS, meanwhile, will charge a total of $56.17 for Next Day Air Early A.M. including a fuel surcharge of $3.92. In this example, the average cost of this one-way express-delivered envelope is approximately $53.96. Therefore, a company that sends 5,000 express envelopes per month should expect to spend close to $3.2 million annually. If the sender is paying for the return envelope at the same rate, double the cost to $6.4 million.
Rising costs aren't the only issue. Using express shipping, the best case turnaround time is two days or more. Once the package is delivered, the intended recipient needs to be located, sign for the package, open it, review and sign the document and return it to the sender. Using DocuSign, the entire process can be completed online in minutes rather than days from any location in the world with greater security and at a fraction of the cost. 

"Given the tough economic climate, organizations are looking to slash recurring operational costs, such as express shipping fees, and implement smarter, more efficient processes that boost productivity and bottom line profitability," said Bob DeSantis, vice president, sales and business development at DocuSign, Inc. "Our Fortune 1000 customers are using DocuSign with proven success to slash contract execution costs and increase deal close rates.

Extended through March 31, 2009, businesses that sign-up for DocuSign's "Beat Rate Increases" program receive DocuSign's electronic envelope signing and sending capabilities at an 80 percent discount over their total 2008 express shipping bill for those documents. For example, a company that spent $1,000,000 in 2008 for FedEx, UPS or other express shipping services can sign-up for the DocuSign program at an annual rate of $200,000. Additionally, DocuSign will provide every new customer with a complimentary cost savings analysis entitled, "How to Slash Your Express Shipping Costs by 80% or More."

To learn more about how DocuSign can save organizations up to 80 percent on express shipping costs for documents and contracts, please visit, email, or call DocuSign at (866) 219-4318.

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