DocuSign Unveils New Scalable Product and Support Offerings for Electronic Signature and Electronic Contract Execution

DocuSign Unveils New Scalable Product and Support Offerings for Electronic Signature and Electronic Contract Execution

SEATTLE - January 28, 2009 - DocuSign, the industry leading provider of on-demand electronic signature and electronic contract execution solutions, today announced its new DocuSign Professional Edition and DocuSign Corporate Edition are available now at The new product and support offerings were designed specifically to create a scalable cost-effective on-demand solution for businesses of all sizes to replace the expensive and inefficient process of transporting, signing, tracking, storing contracts and capturing business data.

DocuSign Corporate Edition also features the industry's first 'Smart Envelopes" for the precise management of complex workflows that require multiple documents and signers. A sender using Smart Envelopes uploads the documents to be signed and can easily define policies for who can view each document and the precise order in which they are to be signed by each signer. By giving the sender complete control and visibility into the contract execution process and streamlining otherwise complex contracting processes, Smart Envelopes dramatically reduces NIGO ("not in good order") rates, enables enterprises to complete more transactions and ultimately accelerates the speed of business.

Businesses today are under tremendous pressure to manage the bottom line. By eliminating inefficient business processes, such as paper-based contract execution, organizations can dramatically reduce costs, accelerate business transactions and potentially avoid staff reductions. According to Xerox research, businesses print more than 18 trillion pieces of paper each year and HP predicts that by 2010, 53 trillion pages will be printed worldwide. DocuSign customers can slash up to 90 percent in paper processing costs and reduce overnight express shipping fees by 80 percent, while increasing sales contract close rates - resulting in a significant net increase to their bottom line.

"Given this tough economic climate, corporations are moving to replace inefficient business processes and adopt proven software-as-a-service offerings that deliver immediate business benefits," said Tom Gonser, founder and vice president of product strategy. "By automating the contracting and data collection process with solutions such as Smart Envelopes, DocuSign enables efficiencies that cannot be achieved or replicated by any other electronic or paper-based process. Already, DocuSign has executed more than 20 million signature events worldwide."

New Scalable Product and Support Offerings for Electronic Signature and Electronic Contract Execution Drive Value for Organizations of All Sizes

DocuSign Corporate Edition - A broad set of capabilities that deliver a complete electronic contract execution platform which can be used as a separate service or completely integrated into the organizations applications environment. The new Smart Envelopes capability simplifies and accelerates complex contract execution workflows (e.g. business-to-business-to-consumer transactions) by allowing the sender to specify multiple signers to receive multiple documents and define specific visibility and workflow for each in a single transaction.

DocuSign Professional Edition - Ideal for individuals or small businesses that want to use electronic signatures to immediately reduce hard costs such as overnight express or courier expenses, speed business transactions and enhance customer satisfaction by enabling clients to sign from anywhere there is an internet connection. New self-branding capabilities enable customers to customize logos, colors, and email text to create a tailored sending and signing experience that maintains their brand consistency.

Pricing, Availability and Support
The new DocuSign Corporate Edition and DocuSign Professional Edition are available now for immediate online signup at Professional Edition: starts at $15.95/month for a single user with an annual commitment. Pricing for Corporate Edition varies based on desired features, functionality and frequency of use.

DocuSign now offers support tiers to meet the individual needs of each of its customers, ranging from the largest enterprises to sole proprietorships. From outsourcing help desk calls to providing online training, DocuSign's flexible support and training packages are designed to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes.

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DocuSign is the DocuSign Inc., the #1 provider of on-demand software services for electronic signature and online contract execution, empowering individuals, small business and global enterprises to operate faster, more efficiently and profitably with enhanced security and compliance. DocuSign is the only Web-based service to fully automate the entire contract execution process. To date, more than 16 million signature events have been executed using DocuSign. Experience the service at, and for regular updates go to

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