Dow AgroSciences Improves Efficiencies with DocuSign eSignature Service

DocuSign Application Programming Interface Helps Dow AgroSciences Grow Awareness of Stewardship Program

Seattle – April 15, 2010 – DocuSign®, the leader in on-demand electronic signature solutions,today announced that Dow AgroSciences LLC uses DocuSign to securely transact grower contracts online. Using DocuSign's Application Programming Interface (API), DocuSign is seamlessly integrated within Dow AgroSciences' Trait Stewardship Web portal. Growers can now quickly and conveniently complete and sign the Trait Stewardship Grower Agreement digitally using DocuSign e-signature technology. Dow AgroSciences has successfully reduced the average turnaround of grower contracts from days to minutes by employing DocuSign.

"It is clear that DocuSign positively impacts our Grower Agreement compliance activities and will also provide value in other departments—legal, marketing programs and customer service," said Aimee Zahora, U.S. seeds & traits business manager for Dow AgroSciences. "We are excited about DocuSign's ease of use and the efficiencies gained through e-signing. DocuSign is the right solution at the right time for the long-term at Dow AgroSciences."

While launching the high-yielding and award-winning SmartStaxTM corn hybrids, Dow AgroSciences investigated eSignature technology to enhance contract compliance. After viewing a demonstration, Dow AgroSciences was convinced that DocuSign was the right choice.

"Using DocuSign has saved Dow AgroSciences considerable administrative time, energy and resources." said Doug Hoberty, OneSource Manager for Dow AgroSciences.  "Our seed retailers no longer have to wait on a cumbersome paper process to obtain a license number for their growers and invoice the seed and traits.  And, our growers can execute their agreements quickly and securely.

Dow AgroSciences and DocuSign Professional Services leveraged DocuSign's Connect API to quickly integrate DocuSign electronic signature technology within the Trait Stewardship portal and Dow AgroSciences' grower database, managed by a third-party vendor. The portal is dedicated to promoting awareness of and training on stewardship requirements for seed containing Herculex®  Insect Protection, SmartStaxTM technology and Wide Strike® Insect Protection.  Growers are required to sign a formal agreement to ensure regulatory requirements are met during the purchasing, planting, and exporting of crops grown with one of Dow AgroSciences' traits.

The Grower Agreement is available through Dow AgroSciences' Traits Stewardship portal where the grower completes a simple registration and adopts an e-signature. The grower is then guided through the e-signing process by DocuSign’s familiar Sign Here tabs, ensuring all form fields are completed. The agreement is completed in minutes online, and growers no longer have to hassle with paperwork, and mailing or faxing back forms. Because DocuSign is integrated with Dow AgroSciences’ database, all data obtained during the DocuSign process is automatically updated, saving time and eliminating rekeying and data entry errors.  In addition, the entire transaction is safe and secure, backed with a comprehensive audit trail.

"Dow AgroSciences provides cutting-edge technology to increase crop yields for safe, affordable food. With DocuSign, Dow AgroSciences can further extend their leadership with fast, safe and affordable e-signing of Grower Agreements," said Steve King, president and CEO of DocuSign. "We are pleased to be working with this leader in agriculture sciences to streamline workflows, increase efficiencies and enhance grower satisfaction while optimizing regulatory compliance."


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