DuPont Crop Protection Eliminates $50,000 of Non-Productive Sales Time Using DocuSign for Salesforce Electronic Signature Service

Electronic Signature Solution, available on's AppExchange2, Drives 300 Percent Increase in CRM Usage for Science-Based Products Company

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SEATTLE – November 29, 2010—DocuSign® (, the global leader in electronic signatures, today announced that DuPont Crop Protection is using DocuSign for Salesforce to accelerate and complete its contract management process and with real cost savings. Since deploying DocuSign for Salesforce solution ten months ago, DuPont Crop Protection has eliminated 500 hours, roughly $50,000 in non-productive sales time helping increase Salesforce CRM usage more than 300 percent. DocuSign for Salesforce is built on the enterprise cloud computing platform,, and is available for trial and deployment on AppExchange 2, the world's most popular marketplace for business apps, at

Part of DuPont's sales process includes managing renewals and new contracts. Before DocuSign for Salesforce, this was a cumbersome process requiring staff to print multi-page documents which were manually faxed, scanned and mailed with phone follow-up to ensure client signatures. DuPont bulk product sales of DuPont Crop Protection products requires Repackaging Agreements for their retail customers and is regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) which adds another layer of complexity to their sales process. If a data field were overlooked or signatures missing in this manual fax and scan process, sales representatives had to start the process all over to legally complete these agreements.

DocuSign for Salesforce gives DuPont a better way to complete business. DuPont sales representatives now dynamically generate documents within Salesforce, click the DocuSign "e-sign" button and everything else is automated. Each DuPont customer receives an email containing a link to the document. After clicking the link, the customer is authenticated and quickly navigated through the online signing process. The system ensures all data fields and signatures are completed to meet DuPont regulatory and compliance requirements. After completion, the document is available to all signers and information is automatically populated back into Salesforce. This improves accuracy, eliminates the time and effort sales reps previously spent scanning and manually calling and then attaching the completed contract back into their Salesforce account records. 

"Area managers have credited DocuSign as the most productive tool used within DuPont Crop Protection," said Tim Kantor, data manager at DuPont Crop Protection. "Plus, DocuSign for Salesforce is perfectly seamless. The two applications work perfectly together. All salespeople need to do is click on the 'e-sign it' button and that's it."

Kantor spearheaded the project after learning of DocuSign from a computer-challenged colleague. Kantor received a call from Bill Wasser, a sales representative in Mississippi, relating that he just used DocuSign, and it was so simple "his dog could do it." This conversation prompted DuPont to consider leveraging DocuSign to improve its entire sales contract management process. Now, anything requiring a Crop Protection customer signature is being reviewed for integration into the DocuSign process.

The DocuSign Advantage

DuPont Crop Protection has achieved the following results using DocuSign in just ten months:

Quick Adoption—DocuSign for Salesforce makes it easy for DuPont Crop Protection salespeople to generate and "send" forms and contracts for electronic signature. Plus, DocuSign makes it just as simple for DuPont customers to sign and complete contracts from anywhere, anytime.

Increased CRM ROI—The integration of DocuSign for Salesforce within the sales workflow has greatly improved efficiencies and accelerated the use of Salesforce CRM.

Compliance—With DocuSign for Salesforce, DuPont is assured of internal and federal regulatory compliance. All forms and contracts are complete and accessible at any time online via DocuSign's secure servers. DocuSigned agreements are legally binding, backed by a court admissible audit trail.

Real-time Visibility—DocuSign reveals the signing status of every document in real-time: when it was opened, when it was signed, the time the transaction has taken and which contracts remain to be signed. All signed documents can be stored online and are readily accessible.

Workflow Management—DocuSign for Salesforce is seamlessly integrated within Salesforce CRM. It's easy for salespeople to dynamically generate documents and prepare for e-signature via DocuSign. DocuSign for Salesforce automates DuPont's workflow processes, providing a more efficient method to transact forms and contracts. DocuSigned documents are "returned" only when completed by the signer(s), thereby eliminating the need to resend documents for a missing signature, initial or other data.

DocuSign for Salesforce is featured in published research by Crimson Consulting. Crimson Consulting undertook a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the benefits of DocuSign for Salesforce and actual clients are highlighted in the research. To obtain the white paper and a recording of the webinar or to learn more about DocuSign for Salesforce, visit.

Demonstrations of DocuSign for Salesforce will be available at DocuSign booth #825 at Dreamforce 2010, the cloud computing event of the year, at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco December 6-9, 2010. Built using, the enterprise cloud computing platform, DocuSign for Salesforce is immediately available for test drive and deployment on AppExchange 2 at DocuSign is also highlighting AppExchange apps that use the DocuSign API in the Zone at kiosk #2 located in Moscone West. Learn more about the DocuSign Marketplace and Developer Program at

To learn more about the business benefits DocuSign for Salesforce provides DuPont Crop Protection by watching a video or reading the detailed case study, visit:


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