EDGAR Online Leverages DocuSign for Salesforce to Reduce Risk

DocuSign Decreases Contract Signing Turnaround from Days to Hours

SEATTLE - November 3, 2009 - DocuSign, the leading provider of on-demand electronic signature solutions, today announced that EDGAR® Online employs DocuSign to accelerate its contract signing process. The Connecticut-based online Internet distributor of real-time SEC filings has dramatically reduced its contract time-to-close with DocuSign for Salesforce e-signature services. DocuSign increases the speed of the signing process by streamlining EDGAR Online's workflows and providing a positive customer experience with sign anytime, anywhere convenience. Contracts are electronically signed and returned in hours, not weeks. In addition, DocuSign provides a legally binding signature—the same as a traditional handwritten signature. Contracts are also returned error-free, thereby eliminating the need to resend contracts for missing signatures or other information.

Like many DocuSign customers, EDGAR Online uses DocuSign for Salesforce integrated with its Salesforce customer relationship management (CRM) system. The combined solution-set enables the company to achieve even greater operational efficiencies for the high volume of contracts fulfilled each month.

"DocuSign significantly improved the company's workflow cycle," said Tressa Morgan, sales operations database manager and client support manager at EDGAR Online "With DocuSign, you can always look at the status in real-time and know if the contract is still out there. It makes your job a lot easier, keeping track of what contracts you sent out and what hasn't come back yet."

The DocuSign for Salesforce solution also offers granular administrative controls, which were a selling point for EDGAR Online, Morgan said. Through DocuSign's ability to integrate with Salesforce, EDGAR Online's customer relationship platform, Morgan can customize contract templates and set access and privilege rights to determine who can view them.

"I can upload the templates right from DocuSign to Salesforce," she added. "You used to have to go in and create these templates and then upload them and go through the hassle. And from a user's perspective, it's easier because you don’t have to go looking for a copy of the latest contract. You don't have to leave Salesforce to send out a contract."

The DocuSign Advantage

After reviewing several solutions, EDGAR Online selected DocuSign based on the following key criteria:

  • Ease of Use—DocuSign makes it fast and easy for EDGAR Online create agreements for client e-signature, and just as simple for the client to sign electronically. This intuitive service closely replicates the traditional signing experience, creating a positive client experience. Contract turnaround, which sometimes took weeks, is now completed in less than 48 hours.
  • Compliance—DocuSign e-signature documents are legally enforceable. All DocuSigned contracts are backed with a court admissible audit trail.
  • Real-time Visibility—DocuSign reveals the signing status of every contract in real-time: when it was opened, when it was signed, the time the transaction has taken, and which agreements remain to be signed, enabling EDGAR Online to manage its channel more effectively.
  • CRM Integration—By employing DocuSign for Salesforce, EDGAR Online can now close it in the cloud" without leaving its Salesforce CRM system, accelerating close times to hours. DocuSign automatically populates Salesforce data sets into its service which eliminates the need to re-key data. 
  • Workflow Management—DocuSign automated many workflow processes for EDGAR Online, freeing salespeople from manually creating and tracking down contracts.

For more information about the business benefits DocuSign provides EDGAR Online, read the detailed case study at:  http://docusign.com/customers/success_stories/EDGAROnline_Case_Study.pdf.

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