Introducing DocuSign Ink™ – First-Ever Personal Electronic Signatures For Everyone

DocuSign® Champions Safe, Secure Way For 2.5 Billion Consumers To Sign Anything, Anytime, Anywhere on Apple® iPads and iPhones, Google® Android™ Devices, and From Microsoft® Outlook®

SAN FRANCISCO – November 17, 2011 DocuSign, the global standard for eSignature, today announced DocuSign Ink, the world’s first personal electronic signature, now available to billions of consumers around the globe. DocuSign Ink helps consumers finish personal business faster by eliminating once and for all the hassles and costs of printing, faxing, scanning, and overnighting signed documents. With DocuSign Ink, individuals can safely and securely drag and drop their legally binding signature and initials into documents, place text and check boxes to complete forms, and then return via email.

“DocuSign Ink changes everything by putting the power of the cloud in your signature,” said Keith Krach, chairman and CEO of DocuSign. “DocuSign Ink gives individuals an easier, faster, and more secure way to finish personal business. With DocuSign Ink, no one will ever have to use pen and paper again to sign a document.”

DocuSign Ink runs on the proven DocuSign Global Network already trusted by more than ten million business users to complete more than 100 million transactions. While DocuSign business offerings help companies manage the entire process of electronically sending documents, contracts, and agreements to collect legally binding signatures and data from customers, employees, partners, and suppliers, DocuSign Ink is a new personal eSignature service that helps consumers quickly and easily return documents with their signature based on the method most convenient and comfortable for them:

  • Web Browsers and Email – Sign and return documents from any browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari) and all email providers (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, and Hotmail) by emailing documents to
  • Apple® iPad and iPhone – Sign and return documents in a native Apple environment with the DocuSign Ink iOS app; Users can even snap a picture of a document with the device’s camera, DocuSign it, and send
  • Google Android Devices – Sign and return documents in a native Android environment via DocuSign Ink’s Android app
  • Microsoft Outlook Integration – Open any attachment to quickly and easily sign via the DocuSign Ink Outlook plug in

“Electronic signature is as fundamental a service as eMail, eCommerce, or cloud storage. Any company or individual can use eSignature to improve business results, save time, and transact more quickly and securely,” said Roger Kay, founder and president of Endpoint Technologies Associates. “DocuSign Ink brings personal electronic signature to the masses. It’s your signature in the cloud.”

DocuSign Ink is designed to work with most any document type, including Microsoft Office (like .doc, .ppt, and .xls,), Adobe PDF with form field recognition, all scanned and faxed documents, and all text and image files (like .tif, .jpg, .png, and .eps).

"This app is absolutely gorgeous and can save you time and money by canceling out printing, scanning, faxing, and all of that stuff we no longer like to do,” said Drew Olanoff of The Next Web. “It’s good for the environment too, since you’re saving paper that’s just going to be scanned back into the computer and emailed anyway."

DocuSign Ink is:

  • Easy – No printing, faxing, scanning, or overnighting; Documents can be DocuSigned in a matter of seconds
  • Safe & Secure – The DocuSign ID Card protects the user’s identity and signature with a clickable audit trail direct from the signature showing who signed, when, and where
  • Unlimited – DocuSign Ink provides unlimited signing and unlimited storage of DocuSigned documents

"DocuSign Ink is one of the coolest productivity apps we've seen take advantage of HTC’s innovative digital pen technology,” said Jad Boniface, developer program manager at HTC. “Customers will love signing all types of documents from their HTC tablets. DocuSign has brought the future of electronic signature here now."

DocuSign Ink is available for download in the Apple App Store and at Within its first ten days of launch, DocuSign Ink shot to the #2 iPad productivity app in the Apple App Store with more than 100,000 downloads.

Comments from Apple® App Store customer reviews include:

“If you’ve ever had to get a document signed and returned to someone, you know that, getting email, printing, sigining, and faxing to the appropriate person is pretty cumbersome. With DocuSign Ink you get the email, “open in”, choose DocuSign Ink, place your signature, hit finish, and email back. Takes seconds. Awesome, awesome app.” – Crouvalis (11/6/11)

“It works perfectly – I’m throwing out [my] fax machine as I write this--thank you DocuSign.” – Mreily (11/7/11)

“This app solves a long standing problem with using Office docs, time sheets, and PDF forms on my iPhone which has no way to sign them electronically. Now I don’t have to fax hard copies into the main office wasting paper and time.” – Louis Pena (11/6/11)

“What a concept, absolutely love this app! This is definitely a winner; I’d give it 10 stars if I could!” – Leisure Gal (11/4/11)

“Installed this new app, filled out, signed, and returned an NDA within minutes, with no printer, no pen, no scanner, no fax, no FedEx!” – Pete 9999 (11/2/11)

“This is just awesome! Forget about printing documents just to sign and scan again. It’s super easy and fast.” –Rzouain (11/8/11)

“I can officially declare that DocuSign Ink has signed, sealed and delivered…Simple enough for anyone to use, but feature-rich enough to get the job done! I wish this app existed when my printer/fax/copier broke down over the summer. I needed to sign a NDA form ASAP and had to use 3-4 apps to get the document downloaded, signed, and emailed…Your app’s simple task is going to make a huge impact on the world.” – Marsha Tyszler (11/7/11)

“I am blown away with this app. Where have you been all my life?” – Ph(only)d (11/4/11)

“Really innovative and very useful. Great user interface too!” – WyattHunter (11/1/11)


About DocuSign Inc.

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