New Signature Analysis App Reveals Personality and Style

Millions of Facebook Users Can Learn Whether They Are “Perceptive or Pompous”, Among Other Traits

SAN FRANCISCO – June 28, 2013 DocuSign, The Global Standard for eSignature®, has launched a new Facebook app in celebration of National ESIGN Day on Sunday, June 30, 2013 – the thirteenth anniversary of the Federal ESIGN Act signed into law by President Clinton in 2000. DocuSign's new app, “Perceptive or Pompous: What Does Your Signature Say About You?”, lets Facebook users discover insights about their own personality and style traits—for better or for worse—to share with their friends on Facebook. 

"For many people, our signature is an extension of our selves and a reflection of who we are," said Gregor Perotto, head of corporate marketing, DocuSign. "We put our ‘John Hancock’ on all kinds of documents every day—from contracts to credit card receipts. DocuSign's new Facebook app puts a fun twist on our signatures to see what they really says about us."

DocuSign’s more than 40 million users have securely eSigned more than 330 million documents in 188 countries on the DocuSign Global Network. DocuSign's Facebook app is the first-ever social media opportunity to analyze what their signature says about them and share it with their friends.

DocuSign's “Perceptive or Pompous: What Does Your Signature Say About You?” app looks at a user's signature, combined with Facebook data, and offers insights into their personality, style, life outlook, and more. Following the analysis, users may invite their Facebook friends to comment on its accuracy and challenge friends to get their own signature analyzed.

DocuSign commissioned analysis of the signatures of several famous figures through time, including John Hancock, Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana and Steve Jobs, to see what their signature said about them. Surprising traits revealed include:

  • Steve Jobs' mind was reputed to be very fast, fluent and creative; but according to the signature analysis, his use of lower case letters instead of capitals for his first and last name indicate that Steve Jobs did not crave the limelight.
  • John Hancock's signature indicates that he was very methodical. In fact, there have been reports that he intentionally signed the Declaration of Independence with such a large signature so that King George could see it without glasses.
  • Not surprisingly, Marilyn Monroe's signature indicates that she was outgoing and expressive. Yet the narrow letters and spacing between letters show that she habitually held back her true feelings.
  • The very round letters of Princess Diana's signature indicate she was highly emotional, as known from her public appearances, and that she was very practical based on the short upper loops in her signature.

Individuals interested in analyzing their signature via the DocuSign Facebook app should “like” the DocuSign Facebook page at and then visit the app by clicking the “What Does Your Signature Say About You?” tab in the DocuSign Facebook page menu bar. Every time users challenge a friend to find out what their signature says about them, they are entered into a random drawing to win a new mobile device. 



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