Petz Enterprises Reduces Contract Turnaround by 78 Percent Using DocuSign for Salesforce Electronic Signature Service

Leading Tax Software Provider Increases Compliance to 100 Percent with DocuSign 

SEATTLE – November 1, 2010 – DocuSign® (, the global leader in electronic signature, today announced that Petz Enterprises (PEI), makers of the CrossLink suite of tax software solutions and services, uses DocuSign for Salesforceto accelerate and complete its contract management process. Since deploying DocuSign for Salesforce, PEI increased its close rate, reduced sales cycle turnaround from 14 days to three, decreased contract errors from 20 percent to virtually zero and reallocated four full-time support personnel to more strategic positions.Instead of printing, faxing and shuffling paper, PEI sales representatives now access DocuSign for Salesforce with just a click within Salesforce CRM. Salespeople can prepare a contract and "send" it for signature in minutes—never having to leave Salesforce. DocuSign sends the customer an email containing a link to the document. After clicking the link, the customer is authenticated and quickly navigated through the DocuSign process. All data fields and signatures must be completed, ensuring compliance. Once finished, the document is available to all signers and information is automatically populated back into Salesforce. This eliminates the time and errors rekeying new or updated information.

"DocuSign virtually eliminated the possibility of the wrong contract, wrong or missing signature and lost documents," said Craig Petz, vice president of marketing at Petz Enterprises. "We went from a 20 percent error rate to basically zero. We spend far less time on exception processing, which means far more time for selling."

The DocuSign Advantage

PEI has achieved the following results using DocuSign:

  • Quick Adoption—DocuSign for Salesforce makes it easy for PEI salespeople to generate and "send" forms and contracts for electronic signature. Plus, DocuSign makes it just as simple for PEI customers to sign and complete contracts from anywhere, anytime.
  • Increased CRM ROI—Integration of DocuSign for Salesforce within the sales workflow greatly improved efficiencies and accelerated the use of Salesforce CRM.
  • Compliance—With DocuSign for Salesforce, PEI is fully compliant, virtually eliminating all errors. All forms and contracts are complete and accessible at any time online via DocuSign's secure servers. DocuSigned agreements are legally binding, backed by a court admissible audit trail.
  • Real-time Visibility—DocuSign for Salesforce reveals the signing status of every document in real-time: when it was opened, when it was signed, the time the transaction has taken and which contracts remain to be signed.
  • Workflow Management—DocuSign for Salesforce is seamlessly integrated within Salesforce CRM. It's easy for salespeople to dynamically generate documents and prepare for e-signature via DocuSign. DocuSign for Salesforce automates PEI's workflow processes, providing a more efficient method to transact forms and contracts. DocuSigned documents are "returned" only when completed by the signer(s), thereby eliminating the need to resend documents for a missing signature, initial or other data.

This DocuSign for Salesforce success is featured in published research by Crimson Consulting. Crimson Consulting undertook a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the benefits of DocuSign for Salesforce and Petz Enterprises is highlighted in the research. To obtain the white paper and a recording of the webinar, visit:.

For more information about the business benefits DocuSign provides Petz Enterprises, read the detailed case study at:.


About Petz Enterprises, Inc.

Petz Enterprises, Inc., makers of the CrossLink suite of tax software solutions and services, is a leading provider of tax preparation and filing solutions for the professional and consumer markets, helping to automate and simplify Federal, State and local tax compliance. Founded in 1974 and based in Tracy, California, PEI is dedicated to serving the needs of the professional tax community and U.S. taxpayers worldwide. For more information about PEI professional tax solutions and services, visit 

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