Redfin Customers Close More Real Estate Deals Easier and Faster With DocuSign

Home Buyers, Sellers, and Real Estate Agents Benefit from Greater Speed, Convenience, and the Freedom to Sign Important Documents from Anywhere, Anytime, On Any Device

SAN FRANCISCONovember 15, 2011DocuSign, the global standard for electronic signature, today announced that Redfin, a technology-powered real estate brokerage that seeks to change the real estate game in the consumer’s favor, has launched DocuSign’s electronic signature solution to streamline the home sale and purchase process for sellers, buyers, and agents. With DocuSign, real estate transactions are now fully automated, making buying and selling homes easier and faster than ever for consumers. The news comes on the heels of DocuSign announcing that the nation’s largest real estate brokerages and property management firms have standardized on DocuSign for eSignature.

DocuSign’s electronic signature solution enables home sellers and buyers to sign and return real estate and other documents with ease, anytime, anywhere with any Internet-enabled device. Consumers no longer need to wait near a fax or drive to an office to sign an offer.

“The DocuSign Global Network gives home sellers and buyers freedom and peace of mind like never before,” said Tom Gonser, founder and chief strategy officer at DocuSign. “Instead of being tethered to an office or a fax machine, consumers can sign one of the most important, legally-binding documents in their lives from literally anywhere. All it takes is an Internet connection and DocuSign.”

“The premise of Redfin is to use technology to help customers buy or sell a home in a convenient, comfortable, and secure way,” said Jim Lamb, senior product manager at Redfin. “Our customers asked for a twenty-first century solution for negotiating and closing transactions, and that’s what we’re happy to give them. With DocuSIgn, Redfin customers can complete their entire transaction on their own terms, at their own convenience. These are documents that should be signed to the sound of corks popping, not fax machines beeping.”

With its DocuSign implementation, the innovative real estate company further differentiates itself as a customer-centric and tech-savvy provider of real estate services. Because Redfin operates in thirteen states and the District of Columbia, the company deals in many types of contracts, each tailored to state-specific real estate law. DocuSign templates provide agents with the ability to create contracts in just a few clicks, so they save time in preparing and managing the signature process.

“As a technology-focused real estate brokerage, my clients expect to benefit from the latest technology during all parts of the transaction,” said Anna Nevares, San Diego area manager for Redfin. “Now that we have implemented DocuSign to automate the signing of purchase agreements and legal disclosures, we’re able to eliminate the errors or missed signatures that potentially hold up a deal. With DocuSign, our clients can close over the dinner table rather than a conference table.”

“As one of the top international architecture firms, it’s important to us that we reflect our reputation for innovation in the design, construction, and materials of our properties across our entire business,” said Chris Pardo, partner and co-founder of PB Elemental Design. “DocuSign and Redfin both reinforce the modern simplicity we design into our projects while enhancing our ability to serve our clients around the world.”

In addition to accelerating real estate transactions, DocuSign is helping Redfin to streamline its internal operations. New hires at Redfin sign contracts and policy documents with DocuSign and Redfin real estate agents use the DocuSign Global Network to renew and transfer licenses. Both reinforce the company as an innovator, embracing the same technology internally that offers security and convenience to its customers across the country.


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