Smart Mobile Solutions Launches New iPhone® App for DocuSign

ESIGNControl Empowers Mobile Customers Control their DocuSign Transactions from their iPhone

SEATTLE - October 7, 2009 - DocuSign, the leading provider of on-demand electronic signature solutions, today announced the release of ESIGNControl, a new Apple (APPL) iPhone application from Smart Mobile Solutions. Available today from the iTunes® store, ESIGNControl enables DocuSign customers to use their iPhone to track, view and control documents sent for electronic signature. Smart Mobile Solutions, an ISV that specializes in applications for mobile devices, created ESIGNControl using DocuSign's software development kit (SDK) and through active participation in the DocuSign DevCenter. By using DocuSign's  developer resources Smart Mobile Solutions blended their expertise in mobile computing to create a powerful utility for DocuSign users.

With DocuSign's award-winning electronic signature service, businesses can accelerate their sales cycles and obtain complete visibility into their agreement process. ESIGNControl extends the value of DocuSign to the iPhone handset, empowering busy professionals to run reports on their DocuSign transactions, view details of documents in process, and even make corrections on the fly right from their iPhone. DocuSign, combined with ESIGNControl, supercharges business development and operational professionals, sales teams, real estate agents and mortgage brokers whom rely on the DocuSign e-signature service to close deals online in minutes.

"The iPhone is quickly becoming a must-have business productivity tool and ESIGNControl makes it easy for DocuSign clients to remain equally productive when away from the office as they are at work," said Tony Tonchev, founder of Smart Mobile Solutions. "Using DocuSign's SDK and developer account, we created ESIGNControl control to offer DocuSign's customers a fast, convenient and mobile method to use DocuSign from any iPhone."   

How It Works

ESIGNControl is a DocuSign transaction remote control that lets users manage documents sent for signature from any iPhone. ESIGNControl makes it fast and easy for DocuSign users to:

  • See time based reports about documents in process
  • Track and access documents in process
  • View document signing status
  • Download and view sent documents on the iPhone
  • Revise and resend documents

ESIGNControl is available now from iTunes for $6.99 at

"With DocuSign, businesses save time, cut costs and eliminate errors by automating the signing process," said Tom Gonser, founder and vice president of product strategy at DocuSign. "ESIGNControl takes electronic signature document management to the next level by letting users quickly and easily access their documents and manage business at a moment's notice from any location. This new application is a testament to the power of DocuSign's DevCenter in arming developers with the resources and support to launch new products and services using DocuSign's APIs." "ESIGNControl, combined with DocuSign's recently released 'Designed for Mobile' web signing experience, means iPhone users have 100 percent of what they need to manage their business anywhere,anytime."

The DocuSign DevCenter

The DocuSign Developer Center provides developers access to the most robust and flexible electronic signature and electronic contract execution APIs available today that can be used to reduce costs associated with contract execution processes, while driving untapped business opportunities. DocuSign APIs adhere to the latest version of the WS-Security (Web services security) protocol to ensure the integrity and confidentiality DocuSign-powered Web services messaging. The cornerstone of the Developer Center is DocuSign Connect, a suite of integration services designed to extend DocuSign service capabilities into existing systems or new applications. DocuSign Connect includes:

  • DocuSign Connect API - Enables the exchange of information between the DocuSign platform and enterprise business applications, allowing developers to create custom DocuSign enterprise Web applications.
  • DocuSign Connect Service - A standards-based Web service that pushes DocuSign contract transaction data into disparate applications over HTTPS protocol.

For more information visit the DevCenter at:

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