Thoughts to Paper Goes Paperless with DocuSign eSignature Platform

Patent Services Firm Rules in Favor of DocuSign 

DocuSign®, provider of the most trusted SaaS-based electronic signature platform today announced that Thoughts to Paper, an online provider of patent and trademark consulting services, uses the DocuSign eSignature service to execute a variety of legal documents. Thoughts to Paper deploys DocuSign to obtain client signatures on contracts, credit card forms, and a variety of patent and trademark documents, and to promote the easy exchange of client supporting documents required for submissions to the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
"We were using another eSignature provider, but found its unlimited plan really wasn't unlimited and the feature set was lacking. It started tacking on fees until we were paying more than 200 percent of our original subscription price," said Tony Chow, president and CEO of Thoughts to Paper. "We did some additional research and were immediately impressed with DocuSign—reputation, value, experience, clientele—everything. We love it. Adding DocuSign to our workflow significantly streamlines our processes, while making it faster and easier for our clients to sign and complete documents in minutes online."

Thoughts to Paper quickly and easily finalizes a broad range of patent and trademark documents online using DocuSign. Instead of emailing, scanning, faxing or mailing bulky and time-consuming paper legal forms to clients to print, sign and fax or mail back, Thoughts to Paper quickly tags documents with DocuSign's familiar yellow Stick-eTabs® and data fields through the DocuSign Console. The client receives an email notification, adopts an e-signature and is guided through the e-signing process in minutes. Clients can also easily attach supporting documents for patent or trademark submission. The DocuSign eSignature solution ensures safety and security through encrypted PDFs and enhances client satisfaction using a fast, simple-to-use anywhere, anytime online signing platform. The e-signing convenience and accuracy of information received through the use of the DocuSign eSignature platform is immeasurable.

It is vital for Thoughts to Paper to quickly receive signed documents as inventors want to be the first to file a patent application—a step critical to obtaining patent rights. By using DocuSign's eSignature platform, Thoughts to Paper can receive signed legal paperwork from its clients in a matter of seconds. As a result, Thoughts to Paper is able to file a provisional patent and obtain patent pending status for clients within a few hours' time.

"Thoughts to Paper trusts DocuSign to provide secure, easy-to-use end-to-end eSignature platform to streamline business processes while providing a quality, client-focused experience," said Steve King, president and CEO of DocuSign. "We anticipate significant growth in 2010 in this market segment as the adoption of our eSignature platform in legal services continues to accelerate."


About Thoughts to Paper

Thoughts to Paper provides everyday individuals and small businesses with quality services to patent an invention, design or idea. Thoughts to Paper offers full-service patent and trademark legal services using licensed patent firms at reasonable fixed fees and no hourly rates. Thoughts to Paper can file a provisional patent to obtain "patent pending" status within a few hours and also offers services for patent search and full non-provisional design patent and utility patent applications. The success of Thoughts to Paper has been built on excellent customer support and honest straightforward answers. Clients can speak directly to a designated case manager throughout the patent process.

More information is available on the Company's Web site at, by calling (800) 919-2493 or through an email form at 

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