U.S. Supreme Court Accepts Electronically Signed Bar Application

DocuSign Chief Legal Officer Admitted to Bar of the Highest Court in the United States

SEATTLE – October 4, 2010 – Today the Supreme Court of the United States is awarding admission to Ken Moyle, DocuSign chief legal officer, and swearing him in to the Bar of the Supreme Court in open court. Mr. Moyle's entire Bar application was completed, signed and submitted to the Court entirely online using DocuSign, including his oath of admission, and the requisite signatures from Mr. Moyle's two sponsors, who are current members of the of the Bar of the Supreme Court.

"While electronic signatures have been legally valid for more than a decade, ironically the legal community has been slow to embrace change," said Mr. Moyle. "We applaud the Supreme Court's recognition of electronic signatures, and encourage more courts to follow suit in embracing this simple, cost-effective method for completing transactions entirely online."

"It has been an honor to sponsor Ken's admission to the Supreme Court Bar," said Rob McKenna, Attorney General of State of Washington. "I've known Ken for more than 20 years, and he embodies the ethics and professional character required to practice law before the nation's highest court. Congratulations, Ken."

At the swearing in ceremony at the U.S. Supreme Court today, Washington, D.C. attorney Jeremiah Buckley served as movant for Mr. Moyle's admission to the Bar. Mr. Buckley, a partner at BuckleySandler LLP, serves as general counsel of the Electronic Signatures and Records Association (ESRA). He played a leading role in negotiations that led to the enactment of the federal Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce (ESIGN) Act authorizing the nationwide use of electronic signatures and records in the year 2000.

2010 marked the ten year anniversary of the ESIGN Act, and Ken Moyle and DocuSign have taken a leadership role in effecting policy changes at various governmental agencies. To commemorate this milestone, the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate passed concurrent resolutions to recognize June 30 as National ESIGN Day at the request of DocuSign and other industry leaders. In April, the Federal Housing Administration announced that it now accepts e-signed third party documents to help expedite real estate transactions. In June, the Utah Supreme Court ruled to allow electronic signatures on petitions in the election process, becoming the first state in the nation to do so. Now, the U.S. Supreme Court has accepted its first electronically signed bar application, extending the growing list of government entities that are recognizing electronic signatures as a viable alternative to paper-intensive processes.


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