Manage acceptance of standard terms easily.

Document and manage consent to clickwrap agreements—such as T&Cs, privacy policies and disclosures—while reducing expense, minimising legal risk, and improving customer experience. With Docusign Click, you can capture consent with a single click.
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Minimise legal risk

Help ensure compliance and eliminate unnecessary legal risk with a complete audit trail.

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Configure the display

Customise display and acceptance options to meet your requirements.

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Quick, easy deployment

Streamline development and maintenance with auto-generated code snippets to embed in your website or apps.

Reduce time to agreement.

With quick setup, a secure and reliable platform, and a configurable, intuitive interface, DocuSign Click simplifies creating clickwrap agreements for customer acceptance in your website and apps.

Collect acceptance to standard terms, including:

  • Terms and conditions

  • Terms of service

  • Privacy policies

  • Licence agreements

  • Disclosures

Download datasheet

DocuSign Click is easy to use and simple to deploy.

Set Up

Configure agreement layout, enforcement, and recipient delivery.


Generate code snippet and embed in desired customer site or apps.


Maintain version control and manage clickwraps centrally.

DocuSign Click FAQ

What is a Clickwrap?

A Clickwrap is an industry-accepted term that refers to a simple method for indicating consent to a set of terms (e.g., T&Cs, terms of use, privacy policy) by clicking "I agree" or a similar process. Check out the Clickwrap one-page overview.

Or learn more about the legality of Clickwrap agreements in “The Effectiveness of Clickwrap for Legally Enforceable Agreements” white paper by DLA Piper.

Other use cases include account sign-ups and openings, software licences and downloads, product trials, checkout pages, and registration pages.

When would I use DocuSign Click versus DocuSign’s eSignature?

Click is designed for embedding high-volume, standardised clickwrap agreements (e.g., terms of service, T&Cs, privacy policies) into your website, portal, or apps. Your users will be prompted to agree or decline in order to continue. The signer provides no other information as part of the agreement, and there’s no way to add other signers or special routing.

Whereas Click is for clickwraps, eSignature is for everything else: agreements that involve some combination of signatures, routing, active signer identification, and various other features that DocuSign eSignature offers.

In which languages is DocuSign Click currently available?

DocuSign Click is available in all the languages DocuSign supports today.

Can I present a clickwrap in my customer website, portal, or application?

Yes, DocuSign Click offers a Javascript code snippet that can be embedded within HTML. If you have the flexibility to modify the HTML of your product or application, you should be able to embed a clickwrap.

Is DocuSign Click available via API?

Yes, in addition to using the Click web application, you also have the option to implement and manage your clickwrap agreements with DocuSign’s Click REST API. It’s easy to use and simple to deploy. For more information, check out the Click API page on the DocuSign Developer Center.

Can completed clickwrap agreements and events be posted back to systems of record, like Salesforce?

Yes. You can use a combination of the Click API and Connect to listen to status changes and post completed clickwrap agreements and events to systems of record, like Salesforce.