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Streamline your contract lifecycle

DocuSign CLM
Centralise your contracts in CLM and get work done faster.

A better way to manage your contracts

Contracting processes can be complex, inefficient and costly, whether you’re closing the next big deal with a customer or purchasing something your business needs. DocuSign CLM makes the process easier, faster and less risky.

With contract lifecycle management software you can get organised, automate contract busywork, customise agreements with a click and collaborate across teams with ease. Plus, AI and analytics take it to the next level by surfacing trends, risks and opportunities so you can contract smarter.

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Do business faster

Automate tasks, manage complex workflows and remove blockers to work more efficiently.

Strengthen compliance

Standardise processes and increase oversight while saving your legal team time.

Drive business intelligence

Speed review, uncover trends and opportunities and find answers to critical business questions.

CLM Toolkit

Get up to speed on everything you need to know about contract lifecycle management.

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Guide to Contract Lifecycle Management

Your guide to contract lifecycle management
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8 Contract Management Trends to Watch in 2022

The eight current trends in contract management that can’t be ignored.
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Contract Lifecycle Management: It all starts with a business case

Learn how to make a compelling case for why CLM is a worthwhile investment.

Contract management, simplified

CLM product image showing the ease of creating contracts with templates and a clause library.

Create contracts with ease

Generate documents with the click of a button. It's quick and easy with templates and a clause library.
  • Auto-populate new agreements with data from systems like Salesforce
  • Set conditional rules for things like review of non-standard terms
  • Allow Legal to define a library of pre-approved clauses
CLM product image of a master subscription and service agreement showing collaboration through user comments.

Collaborate and negotiate faster

Keep everyone on the same page and bring teams together to get contracts done faster.
  • Automate contract routing for internal and external review with detailed version control
  • Complete reviews fast with comments and tasks that notify users via email and Slack
  • Speed up contract reviews with AI-assisted negotiations capabilities
CLM product image showing automated workflows.

Automate contract workflows

Remove bottlenecks and blockers with automated workflows that keep contracts moving.
  • Use a drag-and-drop editor to design contract processes
  • Use 100+ pre-configured workflow steps to generate, review, approve, send for signature, store contracts, and more
  • With pre-built connectors and rich APIs, use CLM in conjunction with the tools your team is already using
CLM product image showing all contracts in a centralised location.

Manage contracts in one place

Store all your contracts in a searchable repository with permission controls.
  • Provide a central, accessible source of truth for your legal department and other users
  • Manage obligations, renewals and more with agreement reports
  • Search and filter agreements by keyword, concept and meta-data
Insight chart with statistics about agreements.

Uncover opportunities, risks and trends

Use AI and analytics built for contracts to save time, reduce risk and make contracts more discoverable.
  • Extract, analyse and report on key contract data points and legal topics with over 100 pre-trained AI models
  • Conditionally drive workflows with analytics, risk scores and contract content for faster contract cycles
  • Surface insights that help close sales deals faster, reduce procurement costs and speed legal review

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Trust your CLM to an industry leader

Gartner CLM Magic Quadrant

For the second year in a row, DocuSign was named a Leader in Gartner’s 2021 CLM Magic Quadrant report.

The Forrester CLM Wave™

This independent report highlights DocuSign CLM as a leader in contract lifecycle management.

The Total Economic Impact of DocuSign CLM

Forrester Consulting’s analysis of CLM demonstrates how a composite organisation can realise an ROI of 356%.

Editions of DocuSign CLM

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DocuSign CLM Essentials

Get started with CLM: Organise workflows and automate contract busywork.

DocuSign CLM

Scale CLM across your organisation: Customise contract processes and connect to more applications.

DocuSign CLM+

The complete contract lifecycle solution: Analyse risk, uncover insights and increase the value of your contracts.

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Unilever wins with automated contracting processes

One of the world’s largest companies makes its supply-contracting faster and easier with DocuSign CLM.
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Read the Unilever customer story

Smarter contracting initiative built on DocuSign CLM

Unilever implemented a global smarter contracting initiative, built on DocuSign CLM, that reduced average contract completion time by 50%.
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DocuSign CLM improves efficiency and customer experience through automation.

GoCardless automates contracts for a faster path to sales revenue.
Read the Santander UK customer story

Simplified the complexity of loan agreements with DocuSign CLM.

Santander UK digitally transformed the customer onboarding contract processes with DocuSign CLM.


Learn more about DocuSign CLM

Download the Forrester CLM Wave report

The Forrester CLM Wave™

This independent report highlights DocuSign CLM as a leader in contract lifecycle management.
Download the 2020/20201 State of Contract Management report

2020/2021 State of Contract Management Report

See the survey results from over 800 professionals about contract management challenges, tools, and trends.
Download the Total Economic Impact of DocuSign CLM whitepaper.

The Total Economic Impact of DocuSign CLM

Forrester Consulting’s analysis of CLM demonstrates how a composite organisation can realise an ROI of 356%.


Gartner defines contract lifecycle management (CLM) as the “applications used for managing contracts from initiation through ongoing management and eventual renewal or termination.” In simpler terms, contract lifecycle management refers to the methods you use to prepare, sign, store and act on your business agreements. Read this article to learn more.
Contract lifecycle management systems are software applications that help organisations and departments manage contracts more efficiently. Unlike manual document management strategies, CLM systems are built to help you store and find contracts, supplier information, standard contract terms and contract templates with ease.
The cost of inefficient contract management is estimated to be more than  9% of total annual revenue according to WCC – a great starting point to build a business case for Contract Lifecycle Management. A strong CLM solution can help an organization achieve key business outcomes such as accelerating time-to-revenue, increasing workforce productivity, reducing hard costs, preventing contract value leakage, enabling compliant self-service capabilities and enhancing the ease of doing business.

An important part of analyzing contract lifecycle management (CLM) workflows is breaking that lifecycle down into recognizable steps. The five crucial stages in a contract’s lifecycle are document generation, negotiation, routing, approval/signature and storage.

The cost of inefficient contract management is estimated to be more than 9% of total annual revenue according to WCC. Agreement processes are also oftentimes opaque and time-intensive, and the added inefficiency of these processes lengthen time-to-value of contracts. Inefficient contract management also makes it difficult to track vendor contract overspend across the organisation. Furthermore, contract processes are prone to human error and introduce various types of risk: incoming contracts might contain language that puts an organisation at high risk or even stop progress on a deal. With contract AI capabilities and analytics, you can reduce risks, accelerate negotiations and amplify team’s performance.

Effective contract management can help businesses save time and money, minimise risk and boost sales potential. There are many benefits associated with digital contract management. It allows businesses to get deals signed and underway far quicker than in the past, while increasing contract content visibility. This leads to increased efficiency of document processes, which saves on employee time costs and improves time-to-value of sales contracts. AI-powered CLM software can also ease the pressure, freeing you to focus on more interesting and productive tasks. What’s more, it can help identify new opportunities and risks that might otherwise have been hidden.

One thing that is unique about the contract process is that it involves multiple departments across the organization. However, the systems each of those departments uses aren’t often connected to one another. For example, an HR offer letter initiates in HR (HCM), and before it can be sent, finance might have to approve it (ERP). And once signed, IT must provision the new employee (ServiceNow). If these different systems are not connected, it can result in a lot of duplicate work (and potential for error) as information from contracts is re-entered into each system. DocuSign CLM system integrates with the applications you already use such as Salesforce, Coupa or SAP Ariba. Find out more.
With DocuSign CLM, you can store, tag and organise contracts in one searchable place that’s built specifically for contracts. This makes it easy to locate existing agreements quickly, report on status and extract insights that reduce risk and improve business function.
Once a contract is generated, changes or editing often need to be made as a part of the contract negotiation process, before the final version is ready for signature: this is the contract redlining proces. The objective is to produce a final document which satisfies all parties. The term redlining comes from the historical and manual way of editing contracts, using a red paper on paper.
Contract management system like DocuSign CLM allows you to send contracts for review, track changes across multiple versions, and maintain an audit record of who did what, when. It also helps you store, tag and organize all contracts in a single, searchable place, with granular permission controls. With a strong CLM software, you can create workflow and contract reports to uncover insights and monitor all contract processes.

Accelerate your contract lifecycle with DocuSign CLM

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