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Verify your signer's identity

DocuSign Identify

Know who you’re doing business with

Identify signers beyond the standard practice of clicking an emailed link. DocuSign Identify, part of the DocuSign Agreement Cloud, is a single platform that provides digital signer identification and authentication through enhanced methods. Help protect your high value agreements, reduce risk and support compliance with DocuSign Identify.

Support compliance

Help meet requirements with Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and regional regulations. Identity verification status is recorded in every Certificate of Completion.

Integrated with eSignature

Integrate signing and enhanced identification or authentication methods into one connected DocuSign eSignature experience.

Operate globally

Access the industry’s largest network of identity verification and trust service providers. Choose from DocuSign native solutions or API-supported integrations.

Spotlight on ID Verification

ID Verification, one of DocuSign Identify’s offerings, automatically verifies a signer’s government-issued photo ID or eID. Mobile-friendly and available in over 35 countries.

Why a connected signing and identity verification experience matters


#1 reason customers abandon transactions: lack of visible security*


84% of businesses say certainty about customer ID reduces risk**


£26B in global fines for noncompliance with KYC, AML, and sanctions, from 2008 to 2019***

Add enhanced signer identification to your agreement workflow

DocuSign Identify includes DocuSign native solutions and extensibility with trust services and APIs, enabling you to transact a full range of agreements with increased compliance, no matter where you operate.

DocuSign Identify screenshot requesting details on the type of ID.

ID Verification

Automatically verify all major government-issued IDs and eIDs in 35+ countries with ID Verification. Senders can also choose to manually review IDs. Write verification status and ID data into your system of record using APIs.
Screenshot showing questions that are part of KBA within DocuSign Identify.

Knowledge-based Authentication

Require signers to correctly answer questions about themselves, compiled from commercially available databases.
Screenshot showing SMS or call-based authentication with DocuSign Identify.

SMS or Call-based Authentication

Authenticate a signer with a one-time code delivered via an SMS text or phone call for added assurance. Roll out a unified solution globally with support for 180+ countries.
Screenshot showing authentication methods for AES/QES with DocuSign Identify.

Meet requirements for AES/QES

DocuSign has ID verification options to meet both Advanced and Qualified Electronic Signature levels under eIDAS and around the world when combined with our Standards Based Signatures offerings.
Screenshot showing authentication details including the workflow, timestamp and result.

Use existing web login

Authenticate signers by asking them to provide their login and password from your website, before accessing the agreement.
Screenshot showing banking data verification results with DocuSign Identify.

Combine with Data Verification

As an option, you can combine a DocuSign Identify product with Data Verification to verify both signer identity and signer-provided account information.

New features for ID Verification

ID Evidence

As an option, you can retain and extract ID information into your own systems of record, or download as a PDF, helping to support audit and compliance requirements.

Global expanded IDs

ID Verification gives senders the option to accept more IDs. Signers select ‘Other” from a list of countries and senders can manually review and approve the ID documents.

Redirect option

Redirect signers to the website of your choice if their IDs are not automatically recognised.
DocuSign customer Funding Circle is creating a better customer experience.

Digital application process for faster, better customer experience

“ID Verification adds an extra level of control complementing Funding Circle's mechanisms for carrying out the highest levels of due diligence.”

Claudiu Udrea
Director of Product Management
Funding Circle UK

Learn how Funding Circle digitally transformed its application process, reducing the time to process a new loan by 98%.
Read the customer story
Nurse in a meeting with a patient to discuss DocuSign electronic signing options.

DocuSign Identify use cases

  • Account opening and onboarding
  • Lending, leasing and financing
  • Insurance applications
  • Good practice guidelines agreements
  • Auto test drive and sales agreements
  • Patient consent management
  • Employee onboarding


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Protect your high-value agreements with DocuSign Identify