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Intelligently analyse agreements with AI

DocuSign Insight
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Understand what’s in your agreements

Drive smarter business decisions while uncovering risks and hidden opportunities with contract analytics from DocuSign Insight. Part of the DocuSign Agreement Cloud, DocuSign Insight uses a proven combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies — including natural language processing, machine learning and rules-based logic — to help find, filter and analyse agreements across your enterprise. DocuSign Insight’s AI also powers DocuSign Analyzer, which streamlines the negotiation of incoming agreements with in-depth risk analysis and smart redlining.

With DocuSign Insight, you can:

  • Search across your contracts by full text, metadata and legal concept
  • Automatically extract critical clauses and terms
  • View side-by-side comparisons of key clauses across selected agreements
  • Find answers to legal and business questions with visualised reports and dashboards


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Search everywhere

Index and analyse all your agreements across multiple DocuSign eSignature accounts and non-DocuSign systems.
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Analyse with AI

Go from keywords to concepts with natural language processing and clause recognition.
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Visualise results

Put the "sight" in "insight" with standard and customisable data visualisations.

Learn how DocuSign Insight works


Yes, Insight can automatically onboard and index the full text of agreements in DocuSign eSignature, along with envelope metadata, custom fields and the Certificate of Completion. Insight and Analyzer also integrate with DocuSign CLM to drive intelligent contract workflows based on automated risk analysis and agreement content.

Insight Accelerators boost your analysis in DocuSign Insight by adding purpose-built AI models for specific topics:

  • Catastrophic Events (including pandemics)
  • Brexit
  • Data Privacy (GDPR, data security)
  • Procurement
  • Sales
  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)
  • LIBOR, QFCs & Credit Agreements
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)
DocuSign Analyzer brings Insight’s AI to the pre-execution phase, to streamline contract review and negotiation. Analyzer provides automated agreement risk analysis, so you can fix-it-before-you-sign-it.
Insight includes optical character recognition (OCR), a technology that "reads" the text from an image, making it indexable for search. So, if you want to index legacy agreements that are still on paper or in image files, you can.
Insight excels at onboarding legacy contracts, with advanced AI to identify, deduplicate, normalise and categorise contracts for ingestion into Insight — and optionally into other structured systems, including CLM systems.
DocuSign acquired Seal Software, a pioneer and leader in AI-driven contract analytics, in 2020. DocuSign originally began selling Seal’s flagship product as DocuSign Intelligent Insights (now DocuSign Insight) in 2018, and made a strategic investment in the company in 2019.
Yes. DocuSign rebranded Intelligent Insights to Insight in 2020, concurrent with the release of DocuSign Analyzer.

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