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Improve turnaround time and reduce risk

The DocuSign Agreement Cloud for Legal Departments

Tackle your growing workload

Many legal departments are strained by increasing volumes of agreements and added demand for faster turnaround times. The DocuSign Agreement Cloud enables legal departments to simplify workflows, accelerate agreement turnaround time, lower risk, and improve governance—all while reducing costs.

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K2 Partnering streamlines contract management

Learn how K2 Partnering used DocuSign CLM to automate its manual contract process and make agreements intuitive.
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Benefits for legal departments

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Accelerate turnaround time
and reduce costs

Simplify agreement preparation, redlining in negotiations, and signature collection across your organisation, reducing cost and effort related to administrative tasks.

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Reduce risk
and improve governance

With the DocuSign Agreement Cloud, you have the ability to securely access, track, audit, and store agreements, improving visibility and governance, and reducing risk.

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Maintain lawfulness
and court admissibility

A DocuSign agreement is tamper-evident, and includes a court-admissible certificate of completion and audit trail, exceeding what is possible with paper-based agreements.

How DocuSign helps legal teams

Top legal departments are using DocuSign to streamline their systems of agreement.


82% of DocuSign agreements are executed in one day


£30 is the average savings per agreement


99.99% of eSignature uptime with no downtime for maintenance


350+ integrations, including common legal document management and business systems

Featured products


Send agreements, identify signers, and execute signatures from practically anywhere, almost any time—all tracked for real-time visibility and court-admissible evidence.


Gain visibility, increase efficiency, and reduce risk with seamless contract management from creation and negotiation through post-signature actions and storage.

DocuSign Insight

Use AI-driven conceptual search, clause identification, and analytics across all your supplier contracts.

DocuSign Analyzer

Use AI to perform contract analytics in the pre-execution stage of your agreement process.

Use cases

Standard legal agreements

Eliminate bottlenecks and accelerate time to revenue by providing fast and easy preparation and execution of common agreements, like nondisclosure agreements, master service agreements, sales contracts, and partnership agreements.

Internal operations and compliance

Support business partners and ensure that your organisation is meeting compliance requirements for audit sign-offs, board minutes, new hire paperwork, and other aspects of internal operations.

Supplier agreements

Easily centralise and collaborate on supplier agreements such as vendor registrations, procurement contracts, and statements of work.

Resources for legal departments

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DocuSign Trust Centre

Visit the Trust Centre for our latest legal, security, and privacy resources.
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DocuSign Resource Centre

Read case studies and analyst reports, and learn about upcoming events.

Modernise your system of agreement

Accelerate agreement creation, negotiation, execution, and management with the
DocuSign Agreement Cloud.

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