DocuSign in Higher Education – Insist on It

DocuSign helps educators get the signatures needed to process admissions, document loans and meet regulatory requirements. With DocuSign you can accelerate the process, see real-time status of agreements, improve data quality, eliminate paper, and enhance the student experience — all at the same time.


Get started immediately

Use existing application and enrollment forms, and loan documents — no need to create new templates.

Reduce costs

Save money on printing, faxing, filing, scanning, distributing, storing, indexing and disaster recovery.

Increase efficiencies

Create templates and automatic signing reminders, significantly reducing the time to administer application and enrollment packages.

Gain real-time visibility and control

Track the status of documents in real time so you'll always know where applications are in the process and how many new student openings remain.

Enhance student service

Whether it's completing a contract or form, DocuSign is fast and easy to use, improving the overall experience for both your students and applicants.

Reduce risk

eSignatures provide a more legally binding, fraud-resistant signature than pen and paper, complete with a court-admissible audit trail.

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