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Cumbersome paper and manual processes are still widely used across many life science organizations—delaying product launches and increasing development costs. The patients and providers who rely on your products deserve better. That’s where DocuSign comes in. It’s the fast, secure way to get agreements, approvals and electronic signatures digitally, so you can keep your business moving forward.


DocuSign for Pharmaceutical Companies

You need to get your products to patients, but there are a lot of critical steps to make that happen. From clinical trial onboarding to vendor contracts, DocuSign lets users send, approve, and sign documents from any mobile device, anywhere in the world. And as a global platform, DocuSign works in multiple languages and regions.

We know you can’t compromise on compliance. That’s why DocuSign supports compliance with industry regulations like 21 CFR Part 11, and regional requirements like eIDAS (Electronic Identification and trust services) and EMA (European Medicines Agency) in the EU. DocuSign is trusted by 12 of the world's top 15 pharmaceutical companies. We help you in the most important part of your work—developing and launching products that improve patients’ lives.

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DocuSign for Medical Device Manufacturers

DocuSign’s combination of web and mobile solutions ensures there’s never a barrier to sending, viewing, and signing documents—which is why 14 of the top 15 medical device manufacturers choose DocuSign. Whether it’s onboarding at clinical sites, selling to hospital executives, or servicing equipment in the operating room, DocuSign saves you time and money. DocuSign helps you meet strict industry and regional standards for compliance, with full document encryption to ensure the privacy of your data using electronic signatures.

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Use Cases

DocuSign can be used to improve the efficiency of many common life sciences tasks, such as:

  • Patient consents
  • Patient assistance
  • Clinical trial onboarding
  • Speaker programs
  • Vendor contracts
  • Field service reports






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