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eBook: Solving the Customer Identity Crisis

New revenue, great customer experience and a compliant process: why automated ID verification is essential for business growth.

We all verify our identity every day, often multiple times. Punching a PIN into a Point Of Sale (POS) machine, or signing your name on the dotted line, for many of us it has become so commonplace it barely registers. But for other high-value agreements, such as opening a bank account or taking out a phone subscription, more thorough verification is required.

Digitisation of this process can drive significant efficiencies, and even create new channels for businesses to serve their customers, such as taking manual, face to face verification and streamlining it via online platforms.

However, while business processes are being modernised via digital technologies like cloud, analytics and automation, ID verification is still slow, manual and prone to human error.

Read this brief eBook to understand how automating ID verification can provide a smoother and more consistent experience for both customers and staff. 

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