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eIDAS: A new regulation for electronic signature and business across EU borders

Choose the Right eIDAS-compliant eSignature Provider to Solve your European Business Challenges

The European Union is keeping up with the rapidly accelerating global digital transformation trend. To do business in the European Union, you’ll want to stay on top of all the latest standards, which are available in the white paper, “eIDAS: A New Regulation for Electronic Signature and Business Across EU Borders.”

With every eSignature vendor claiming they are “eiDAS compliant”, you should equip yourself with the right level of knowledge to filter through what is right for your business.

Download the whitepaper to learn why it is important choose an eSignature service provider that:

  • Delivers all the various e-signature types defined by eIDAS: Simple, Advanced and Qualified
  • Is independently accredited against European Commission-recommended technical standards
  • Offers international reach and experience to accommodate your business

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