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The Digital Business: What Do European Customers Expect?


Across Europe, the consumer appetite for digital services is insatiable. It is ingrained in our lives. So how can a business move as quickly as the demands of its customers and avoid digital extinction?

Taking an entire business digital can be more challenging and reliant on many more moving parts. Identifying how businesses are evolving to meet these rapidly changing demands is essential for decision makers across all sectors of the economy to prepare their organisation or department accordingly to undertake successful digital transformations.

This eBook investigates digital expectations from both the consumer and business perspectives. It identifies where the main challenges lie for businesses that are trying to deliver the digital experience their customers want, and what action is being taken to meet market demand. Key findings include:

  • 87% of consumers expect organisations to provide digital methods of signing and purchasing products
  • 87% of senior decision makers say that they are prioritising digital transformation
  • 72% of people agree that working digitally within business is essential

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