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Demystifying Digital Signature Usage for Global Business

The business benefits of eSignature in North America have become well-recognized over the past decade, where the conversation has evolved from ‘is it legal?’ to ‘where else can I use eSignature to accelerate revenue, reduce errors and lower costs in my business?’ However, in other parts of the world including continental Europe, Latin America and Asia, this same conversation has stalled due to a long-standing cultural preference and for X.509 PKI signature technology (digital signatures).

For global enterprises, or any company conducting business in continental Europe, Asia or Latin America, this white paper is a must read.

Highlights include:
•        The differences between eSignature solutions and digital signature technology
•        How different legal systems view digital signature technology for electronic signatures
•        What a qualified electronic signature (QES) really is and when you need one
•        How DocuSign digital signature support can enable eSignature in your global business

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