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DocuSign Leads E-Signature APIs, According to ProgrammableWeb Research

E-signatures have gone from curiosity to core business tool. They’ve also gone from on-premise server to the cloud, and from isolated application to embeddable API. Indeed, e-signature tools have a lot to offer most any organization, but companies must take care to choose the best tool for the job (or jobs) at hand. A recent evaluation by ProgrammableWeb shows that among the many e-signature options available today, one stands out clearly from the rest: DocuSign.
In its comprehensive comparative review of the major e-signature services, ProgrammableWeb also tested Adobe EchoSign, Barracuda SignNow, HelloSign, Sertifi eSignature, and Silanis e-Sign Live. A detailed analysis of the test results—and the e-signature market in general—are now available in this report.

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