Nintex Connector for DocuSign

Speed up approval processes when you include electronic signatures in your Nintex workflows.

The Nintex Connector for DocuSign provides Nintex customers with the ability to drive greater automation by incorporating electronic signatures in to existing workflows, rather than having to jump out of the workflow to handle the signing process (either manually or electronically), delivering on Nintex’s goal of making people and businesses as efficient as possible through Workflow for Everyone.

The Nintex Connector for DocuSign enables Nintex Workflow for SharePoint or Nintex Workflow for Office 365 customers to use a collection of configurable drag-and-drop actions from the Nintex Live Catalog or the Nintex Store, respectively, to include DocuSign digital transaction management in their Nintex processes.

The Nintex Connector for DocuSign includes the following actions:

  • DocuSign download document
  • DocuSign populate template
  • DocuSign retrieve envelope status
  • DocuSign send document
  • DocuSign send envelope

These actions give Nintex customers the ability to build powerful workflows that include DocuSign, in order to complete approval processes requiring digital signatures faster.

Key Features

  • Quickly include digital signatures in your approval processes
  • Accomplish a variety of DocuSign tasks from within Nintex workflows
  • Easy-to-configure actions give you flexibility to structure your everyday processes

Compatibility / Version Information

The Nintex Connector for Docusign is available with any currently supported version of the Nintex Workflow product

About the Partner

Workflow automation can power your business and drive your success. It’s the quick and easy way to streamline your processes, integrate your content and empower your people, wherever they are, and Nintex basically created it. We’re driven by our desire to help people do their best work. Our platform is all about making processes easy to automate, improve, monitor, govern, and, above all, easy to understand. We do this without sacrificing power or flexibility. We’ve delighted customers, inspired partners and impressed industry leaders. We’d like to do the same for you.