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Sympa provides a complete, fully customisable HR solution that lets you focus on people and smart decision-making. It provides companies with a clear, aggregated, view of all their people data. Sympa HR is a trusted tool for automating a wide range of everyday HR tasks and unlimited integrations to other software. Backed up with great customer support, it’s currently used by more than 650 organisations around the world. For additional information, please visit www.sympa.com

Manage all your HR processes in a single solution, from hire to retire. From recruitment to exit inquiries and everything in between, Sympa HR is designed to provide transparency and efficiency to the entire employment cycle. With DocuSign, Sympa offers a secure, legally-binding, digital alternative to the traditional pen and ink signatures that give digital documents legal standing, such as employment contracts. The integration lets companies operate paper-free HR processes, approve documents in minutes instead of hours, improve HR data handling accuracy, and remove the need to handle vast archives of documentation.

Key Features

  • KNOW YOUR PEOPLE. Sympa HR gives you a clear, aggregated view of all your people data. Manage everything in one solution, from hire to retire!
  • UNLEASH YOUR EXPERTISE. We are committed to helping you automate routine tasks – so that you are free to focus on developing your people and business.
  • STEP UP YOUR HR GAME. Data-driven decisions build better businesses. HR professionals in search of superior insights have Sympa HR’s powerful reporting and analytics tools at their fingertips.
  • FINE-TUNE IT YOURSELF. You can easily adjust and scale Sympa HR as you like, by yourself. It’s also easy to plug in other software and IT solutions, whenever you need.
  • SAFE AND SOUND. We never compromise on your data security. That’s a promise.



Got Questions?

For questions, please contact juho.valtonen@sympa.com (Product Manager, Connectivity)


Customer Testimonials

We love Sympa HR – but don’t take just our word for it! Check out what our customers have to say at www.sympa.com/customers.

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Join the tribe of HR pioneers! With one of the highest customer satisfaction rates in HR technology in Europe, we are proud to be the fastest growing HR solution provider in the Nordics. Today, Sympa employs more than 120 ambitious professionals in five countries and eight offices around the Northern Europe.